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Photo A Day Challenge | 2013 August | Day 17

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Photo A Day Challenge | 2013 August | Day 1

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The Caged Bird

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Huzzah! Just desserts for Bird and his appalling behaviour against his bird and his one time mate. And about time too.

Dumb git. White trash.

Greg Bird, the bad boy footballer, was today sentenced to 8 months’ jail time for seriously injuring his girlfriend Katie Milligan in August 2008. Bird reacted to an argument with Milligan by smashing a glass into her face, causing severe damage and permanent scarring to her eye.

For a quick recap of what I think of these two, please refer to my previous blog.

Throughout much of the past year, Milligan steadfastly stood by Bird, vowing to reconnect with him when the AVO lapsed and they were legally allowed to contact each other again. Reconnect they did, and after Bird’s player contract was revoked, he linked up with a club in France where the pair resided together until today.

All along, Milligan defended Bird, telling anyone who cared to listen that Bird is a gentle and loving man who would never intentionally hurt her. The scar above her left eye tells a different story. Anyone who picks up a glass and smashes it against another person’s face has every intention of hurting his/her victim. And no, I will never accept the excuses of "But I wasn’t thinking straight at the time" or "I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing".

Oh, and to try and pin the blame on his mate who wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the crime is about lowest of low acts. Who would want to be Bird’s friend when Bird has proven he is callous and selfish in a failed attempt to save his own butt?

These two so deserve each other. A man who has a well documented history of being repeatedly violent towards women when drunk, and a woman who stands by her man even after he has permanently disfigured her face with a glass. It’s bad enough that he has this violent streak which has been on display time and time again, on and off the field, but for his victim to publicly support his atrocious and despicable behaviour just boggles my mind.

This bimbo could have been a great example to women everywhere by walking away from her thug boyfriend after he put her in hospital. But instead, she chose to stick with Bird over these past 10 months, and even went so far as to write him a character reference as part of his legal strategy to stay out of jail. That makes her a gutless vacuous idiot in my eyes.

I’d been following the progress of Bird’s court case with detached interest. Today, I celebrated a little with a happy dance when I read that he will spend time in jail for his actions.

I sincerely hope that Bird will learn something from his stint in jail – respect others, own up to his own actions, deal with the consequences of his actions, man up. At 25, he is still a kid in many respects, but really, it’s time to grow up and behave like one. Jail tolerates no fool.

Harriet Alexander | June 22, 2009 – 2:39PM | SMH League HQ

Rugby league star Greg Bird will spend at least eight months in jail for hurting his girlfriend, Katie Milligan, with a broken glass.

Bird was immediately taken into custody at the Downing Local Court. He was visibly shaken and his supporters cried.

Magistrate Roger Clisdell sentenced Bird to a maximum of 16 months in prison and said that he did not believe Bird regretted the reckless wounding.

"In my view there in no contrition … The accused has maintained a position of not guilty throughout the proceedings and maintains that position today. I do not accept that … showing concern for Ms Milligan shows contrition in the light of his protestations of innocence," he said.

Mr Clisdell also fined Bird $5000 on the charge of false accusation.

"It was a despicable act and most un-Australian," he said.

Bird’s lawyer will apply for him to get bail this afternoon pending an appeal on the sentence.

Catalans, the Super League club, has previously said that they will stand by their captain and want him to extend his contract with the French club beyond this season.

Earlier, Bird’s girlfriend has written him a character reference to persuade a court to give him a lenient sentence for recklessly wounding her in an incident at his Cronulla apartment last August.

But his friend Brent Watson, who the former Sharks player originally told police was responsible for the cuts to Katie Milligan’s face and eye, has described him as "selfish", the court heard today.

He has been found guilty of hurting Ms Milligan with a broken glass at his Cronulla apartment in August last year.

They had been arguing after she returned late from a night out.

The prosecution called for him to serve time in jail.

But Bird’s lawyer, Les Nicholls, told the court that he had not hurt Ms Milligan intentionally and had not caused her lasting damage or disfigurement.

The pair now live together in France.

"I would ask your honour to accept the reference from the victim that at no time has Greg Bird ever intended … to hurt her and it was out of character," Mr Nicholls said.

A good behaviour bond or community service order would be more appropriate, he said.

But the police prosecutor, Peter Stanhope, said Bird had not shown any concern for Mr Watson, whose reputation he was prepared to damage in an attempt to avoid police charges and the media attention they would bring.

Mr Watson had described Bird as "a selfish person whose only concern was his football career and the Sharks", Mr Stanhope said.

Mr Nicholls said Bird had been precluded from contacting Mr Watson since the incident, but he wished to apologise to him through the court.

"It was never his intention that any detriment be suffered by Mr Watson,” Mr Nicholls said.

"He has not been in a position to offer his personal apology. He’s asked me to do so today and to ask your Honour to take that into consideration for this offence."

Bird was found guilty of reckless wounding and false accusation in April by the same magistrate, who said he had lied about how his girlfriend had turned up at hospital bleeding from her eye.

He pleaded guilty to public mischief.

Click here to see the whole sorry saga about the low life and his bimbo.

Mistaken Identity

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Classic … and they say all Asians look alike!!!

As reported by (as seen on SMH Online).

August 21, 2008 – 1:13PM

Former Olympic swimmer Steve Parry, a BBC TV commentator, has been mobbed by Chinese Olympic fans as he broadcast live from Tiananmen Square because they thought he was US super-fish Michael Phelps.

Ironically, Parry, who won a bronze medal for the 200m butterfly at the 2004 Games, was beaten in that race by Phelps.

“I am not Michael Phelps,” he kept shouting as fans tried to have their picture taken with him and asking for his autograph, “I am Steve Parry from England.”

Parry, the BBC reported, had been asked to take a cardboard cut-out of Phelps into Tiananmen Square to show how many people would want to have their picture taken with it.

But he was instantly mobbed by over 100 fans and it took several minutes to convince people he was not the winner of eight gold medals in the photo.

Parry told the BBC: “I can’t imagine what it is like to be Michael Phelps.

“If he actually did come down it would be absolute pandemonium.”

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

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It’s taken me a few days, and after scouring the internet, I have found, in my opinion, the best pictures of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony held on 8 August 2008.

I loved every minute of the artistic part of the ceremony.

Starting off with the 2008 Fou drummers, who beat the LED-embedded drums to light up the digits in the countdown to the official commencement of the proceedings. These guys were just amazing – they were perfectly synchronised throughout their entire routine.

The dancers performing a contemporary routine while painting the scroll were awesome. The floor of the Beijing National Stadium (aka the Bird’s Nest) opened up to reveal the he set of movable type blocks, surrounded by the beautifully costumed Han Dynasty-era performers representing the 3000 Disciples of Confucius wearing feathered headgears and carrying bamboo slips.

The movable type blocks were made up of 897 characters in the Chinese alphabet, and these blocks moved up and down to form different words and pictures – amongst those were the character 和 (harmony) and the Great Wall of China. I was sure that the blocks were moving via a series of hydraulic lifts and other mechanics set to a program, and J was certain that human performers were inside the blocks. And even when flowers sprouted from the blocks, I was still adamant that machines were moving the blocks. Imagine my surprise and delight when J turned out to be right and 897 heads popped out of the top of the blocks and 1794 arms started waving madly at the audience!

The Chinese opera was gorgeously choreographed, with sensational costumes and a myriad of performers littering the stadium floor. Then there were the little men in green suits dotted with fairy lights who formed the human version of the Bird’s Nest as well as the peace dove that flew for a time along the floor. Then came the 2008 Tai Chi masters who performed mass Tai Chi.

The fireworks were spectacular – the Chinese showed the world that they not only invented the fireworks, but they are second to none in how to use them. No words can describe how good the fireworks were and I was all set to enjoy the spectacular, if only stupid Channel 7 would let me!

The idiot official Australian broadcaster kept cutting to ads throughout the ceremony! I didn’t need to be reminded that Coles and Red Rooster were broadcast sponsors, nor do I care! And don’t get me started on how poorly they have performed so far.

Anyway, back to happier thoughts. My favourite parts were definitely the drums and the movable type blocks. I was quite moved by the entrance of the Chinese team, led by basketballer Yao Ming and Lin Hao, the 9-year-old primary school student who had rescued two schoolmates during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. And I watched in absolute utter amazement as Li Ning (gymnastics, China’s most decorated athlete at its first Olympics in 1984), suspended by wires, was lifted to the top of the stadium. Once in position, Li Ning then appeared to run horizontally along the walls of the stadium through to the Olympic cauldron, with images from the Olympic torch relay projected on to the walls. The cauldron was lit and a flurry of spectacular fireworks ensued.

Poor London – how can you top that???

Enjoy these wonderful pictures!

Mercy! Have Mercy!

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Key word: hapless. Those poor kids.

Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:32pm EDT
Writing by Alastair Himmer; Editing by Justin Palmer

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese high school pleaded for a regional game to be abandoned after surrendering 66 runs in less than two innings, local media reported on Thursday.

The coach of Kawamoto technical high school threw in the towel to spare his pitcher’s arm with his team losing 66-0 with just one batter out in the bottom of the second.

The hapless hurler had already sent down over 250 pitches, allowing 26 runs in the first inning and 40 in the second before Kawamoto asked for mercy.

"At that pace the pitcher would have thrown around 500 pitches in four innings," Kawamoto’s coach was quoted as saying. "There was a danger he could get injured."

Opponents Shunshukan were officially credited with a 9-0 victory, giving the scoreline a tinge of respectability for the luckless Kawamoto school.

Two very distinct memories cropped up after reading this article.

Memory #1: 2000 Eastern University Games in Albury, Women’s Soccer, Macquarie University vs University of New South Wales. It was pouring down with rain even before we took to the fields, but the officials decided to press on and play the game. This was the last of our pool matches before the quarter finals, and the MacU rep team was in a good place to finish on top. UNSW, on the other hand, was there to make up the numbers and to have a blast of a week.

From kick-off, it was plain to see that UNSW was no match for MacU. Our captain scored within the first minute, and then pounded another two into the back of the net for her hat trick within the first 3 minutes. The term "Mercy Rule" crossed my mind as UNSW continued to stand like sticks in mud on the pitch, while Lisa used the time as target practice from every inch of the field.

In short, the Mercy Rule brings a sports event to an early end when one team has a very large and presumably insurmountable lead over the other team. The application of the Mercy Rule is usually at the instigation of the losing team, but sometimes at the behest of the referee, when the winning margin had reached 9 goals. On this occasion, UNSW set a record time in seeking the Mercy Rule – MacU scored 9 goals in 9 minutes, and the whistle sounded to the rousing cheers from UNSW and the referee as everyone ran for the covers and headed for hot showers 10 minutes after kick-off.

Memory #2: 1997 Gladesville-Hornsby Women’s Soccer Association All Age Division 5 competition, Macquarie University vs Northbridge. The MacU team in the amateur GHWSA league was a social team – weekend warriors who valued post-game beers more than competition points. On this particular day, the team was either recovering from the excesses of the pub crawl held on the previous night, or still in the party mode. As a form of bonding, a number of the girls huddled for a "team yak" minutes prior to kick-off.

The team was largely made up of very inexperienced players, who joined a soccer team for fun and fitness without ever having really kicked a soccer ball in their lives. Going into this game, the 3rd of the season, we were 0 from 2 with not much hope of winning anything for 1997. But no one minded – we readily admitted to being a drinking team with a soccer problem.

What no one told us was Northbridge should have been graded in Division 1 or 2. The team ended up in Division 5 only because they were late in registering the team and the higher divisions were already full.

Needless to say, from the get-go, MacU was behind the 8 ball. We were hungover, heading towards the hangover, or still drunk, and not much use to anyone and really shouldn’t have been on the field at all. Northbridge took advantage of the situation and potted 13 goals in the first half.

What none of us knew at the time was that little thing called a Mercy Rule. If we’d known, we would have called for it. But those of us who weren’t dying from dehydration or suffering from painful injuries bravely took to the field again for the second half, where our defence was continuously punished by the opposition.

Final score: 23-0 (the ref officially stopped counting at 18-0). Injury list: ankle (me – out 6 week), groin (striker – out 4 weeks), wrist (keeper – out 3 weeks), hamstring (full back – out 3 weeks).

2007 IRB Rugby World Cup

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7 more sleeps to go …

The IRB Rugby World Cup 2007 is being held in France, with the tournament kicking off on 7 September and the Grand Final being played on 20 October (I’m tipping a Wallabies / Springboks Grand Final to be played at Saint-Denis). The best full back in the world is back in top form, so the Wallabies have every chance to bring home the World Cup.

Go Latho. Go you good thing!

Below is a funny I was sent yesterday – all the rules non-rugby fans need to know during the World Cup.

1. From 7 September to 20 October 2007, you should read the sports section of the newspaper so that you are aware of what is going on regarding the World Cup, and that way you will be able to join in the conversations. If you fail to do this, then you will be looked at in a bad way, or you will be totally ignored. DO NOT complain about not receiving any attention.

2. During the World Cup, the television is mine, the VCR and DVD are all mine, at all times, without any exceptions. If you even take a glimpse of the remote control, you will lose it (your eye).

3. If you have to pass by in front of the TV during a game, I don’t mind, as long as you do it crawling on the floor and without distracting me. If you decide to stand nude in front of the TV, make sure you put clothes on right after because if you catch a cold, I won’t have time to take you to the doctor or look after you during the World Cup month.

4. During the games I will be blind, deaf and mute, unless I require a refill of my drink or something to eat. You are out of your mind if you expect me to listen to you, open the door, answer the telephone, or pick up the baby that just fell from the second floor…it won’t happen.

5. It would be a good idea for you to keep at least 2 six packs in the fridge at all times, as well as plenty of things to nibble on, and please do not make any funny faces to my friends when they come over to watch the games. In return, you will be allowed to use the TV between 12pm and 3pm, unless they replay a good game that I missed during the day.

6. Please, please, please!! If you see me upset because one of my teams is losing, DO NOT say "get over it, it’s only a game", or "don’t worry, they’ll win next time". If you say these things, you will only make me angrier and I will love you less. Remember, you will never ever know more about rugby than me and your so called "words of encouragement" will only lead to a break up or divorce.

7. You are welcome to sit with me to watch one game and you can talk to me during halftime but only when the commercials are on, and only if the halftime score is pleasing me. In addition, please note I am saying "one" game, hence do not use the World Cup as a nice cheesy excuse to "spend time together".

8. The replays of the tries are very important. I don’t care if I have seen them or I haven’t seen them, I want to see them again. Many times, and record them.

9. Tell your friends NOT to have any babies, or any other child related parties or gatherings that requires my attendance because: a) I will not go, b) I will not go, and c) I will not go.

10. But, if a friend of mine invites us to his house on a Sunday to watch a game, we will be there in a flash.

11. The daily World Cup highlights show on TV every night is just as important as the games themselves. Do not even think about saying "but you have already seen this…why don’t you change the channel to something we can all watch??", the reply will be: "Refer to Rule #2 of this list".

12. Please save your expressions such as "Thank goodness the World Cup is only every 4 years". I am immune to these words, because after this comes the reruns of the Rugby World Cup, etc etc.

13. And finally, if you are female and your "man" likes rugby less than you, he is not a real man and shall be bound by these rules and additionally be referred to as "the bitch" for the duration of the World Cup.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Men of the World