Photo A Day Challenge | January 2014

Mood: Happy Snapper

Happy New Year!!!

First day of 2014. A brand new year. And to make today even more special, it’s Master S’s 3rd birthday.

Happy birthday to our darling boy. Life has been richer and fuller and so much more fun since you joined us 3 years ago. We can’t imagine life without you, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Our love for you grow every day, and you make us much braver and stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. Thank you, darling heart. Hope you have had a most wonderful day today!

J and I barely made it to midnight last night. The only reason we stayed awake was because the night air was too warm for comfortable sleep. We managed to catch all THREE sets of fireworks that lit up Sydney’s night skies. Yes, that’s right, Sydney fired off 3 sets of fireworks. At 9pm, 10.30pm and at midnight. The 10.30pm fireworks lasted about 2 minutes, at most, and it was touted as a “one-off”. I wonder if this will continue as a tradition. It was a bit of a waste of money, in my opinion. The 9pm “family fireworks” and the midnight extravaganza were both good. I quite enjoyed the midnight ones, and was glad to be awake for them.

It dawned on me earlier yesterday that this NYE was the first NYE that I hadn’t either attended a party or hosted a party in 25 years. Even on the night when 2010 wound down and 2011 dawned and I was officially in labour just before the 9pm fireworks burst through the skies, we still went to dinner with my family to celebrate the new year. J jokes that he finally “broke” me and my social butterfly behaviour.

We have so much to look forward to this year. Magic Bean will be joining us in March, followed by J’s parents who will be flying in from NZ to help us settle in. We have a few trips towards the end of next year, with a wedding in South Australia, a family wedding in Hong Kong and J’s 40th all taking place in the latter part of 2014. But before any of these events take place, there’s Master S’s birthday party to plan and execute. Wheels are in motion already, so here’s hoping we get it right by the day!

I mentioned in a post in December that I had been experiencing some mixed feelings about the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. After a bit of soul searching, I’ve decided to continue on with the challenge, albeit with a much looser commitment. I have also decided to stop posting to the special Facebook FMS Photo A Day group – this is the group that showcases the Fab Four (chosen by a panel of moderators, all of whom are challenge participants). I figured: if I’m not in it, then I can’t expect to “win” it.

I will still continue to share my photos on Instagram, as well as Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page. And of course, you will also find my photos on Twitter, StreamZoo and EyeEm.

I can’t promise to take a photo every day, but I will try. Let’s see if I can rebuild my enthusiasm for this challenge.


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