Photo A Day Challenge | 2013 October

Mood: Happy Snapper

Lo and behold, it’s October tomorrow. Where oh where oh where has 2013 gone???

We’ve had a most busy September, chock full of good things. We shared the happy news of our pregnancy on Father’s Day, on the first day of September. Along with being in the second trimester of the pregnancy comes all the doctor’s appointments and scans. More good news came our way on 25 September when our gorgeous friends David and Kirsty welcomed their new daughter Jessica into the world – hello, future daughter-in-law! Every weekend in September was packed with activities and outings – whilst we had fun, we were also extremely exhausted by month’s end. We needed a mini holiday to get over all the running around, so this weekend just passed, we treated ourselves to a weekend in Canberra to visit the Floriade, play tourist around the nation’s capital, and caught up with our Canberra-based friends.

Thank goodness for the long weekend next weekend, which will be extra long for me as Master S and I have to go to the Sydney Children’s Hospital for his regular check up.

Although we are thrilled to be pregnant with our second boy, I am feeling so old / exhausted all the time. Magic Bean (our nickname for the baby) is sapping all my energy, and by the time I get home from work, my poor neglected Master S gets to see a shell of his Momma, who is often too tired to play or do much else other than flop into the couch and drift off to sleep. My poor darling J has had to pick up the slack, and is often rewarded with less-than-perfect dinners whilst looking after our family and the household all on his own. Frozen pies were on the menu quite a few times over the course of September, and many chores have been left by the wayside. Here’s hoping my energy levels will slowly improve over the next few weeks, so I may manage to do more things than flake out at 9pm every night!

The October Photo A Day Challenge list has been published by the lovely Fat Mum Slim (aka Chantelle). I had a few issues with September’s list, in that I wasn’t always able to take the photo on the day. The topics themselves were great; I just blame Magic Bean for draining all my energy reserves and making me tired all the time, and so super forgetful too!

As I have done in the past, I will be sharing my photos on Instagram, as well as Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page. You will also find my photos on Twitter, StreamZoo and EyeEm.

Won’t you join me in this month of fun and take some awesome photos too?


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