Photo A Day Challenge | July 2013

Mood: Happy Snapper

July. The half way point of 2013. Where has the year gone???

The weather has gotten deliciously cold, if a little bit wet. By a little bit wet, I mean a lot wet. In the final week of June, Sydneysiders apparently saw a total of 7 hours of sunlight. The wet stuff just kept falling from the skies, making us all feel a little soggy and everything a little waterlogged.

But, July promises better weather, and judging by the weather forecast, we are going to get a few days of sunshine in this coming week.

July will be an exciting one for us, with my baby sister and her family flying from Hong Kong to visit us. It’s summer in Hong Kong, so her two boys are on summer holidays, and it will be lovely to see them in Sydney again. We’d spent a small amount of time with them when we were in Hong Kong in May, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. They will be in Sydney for 2 weeks, so I’m sure we’ll see them for more than just 2 dinners.

I’m still keeping up with this wonderful Photo A Day Challenge. I was again honoured to be included in the Fat Mum Slim Fab Four in June. The photo chosen was Day 21 | Lunch time, which was actually combined with the prompt for Day 22 | Enjoying life. Funny story – I took no effort with this photo, and you can clearly tell in the photo that two of the subjects were decidedly unwilling to participate, while the littlest one was in the midst of telling me to get down from my chair and sit down to have lunch!

Here’s the list for July, along with more details on the prompts / topics / themes.

As I have done in the past, I will be sharing my photos on Instagram, as well as Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page. You will also find my photos on Twitter, StreamZoo and EyeEm.

Some of the prompts this month look interesting. Hope you will join me in this month of fun and take some awesome photos too!


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