Photo A Day Challenge | 2013 May | Day 24

Mood: Happy Snapper

For the second time this month, my photo was featured in Fat Mum Slim‘s Fab Four. Woo hoo! Love it long time!

And then Chantelle, Fat Mum Slim featured my little story on her blog!

You see, when I took this photo, I never thought it would make Fab Four. It was a hurried shot, taken in less than 2 seconds, on a Friday afternoon by a harried working mum after a particularly unsatisfying day at work. I was racing to the bus stop to meet a bus that often ran early, and I had already tried to take another photo of the “little green man” at another intersection, only to have other harried Friday afternoon office workers push me out of the way.

I walked up to this particular intersection (where Bond Street met George Street in Sydney CBD), as I knew the little green man would stay on for a bit longer than other crossings. When the little green man came on, I crossed over Bond Street, and stood about 3 steps away from the other side of the kerb to take this photo. Waiting at the traffic lights was a taxi, and I was literally standing right in front of it when I took this photo. The taxi was waiting for the lights to change – it was stopped at a red light – so when the taxi driver tooted his horn at me, I was startled and annoyed. Still, I was standing in the road, in his way, so I turned to apologise to the driver. I was expecting a tirade of abuse, but what he said surprised me and made me smile.

The taxi driver leaned out of his window, and said “Photo a day challenge, right?”

In my already startled state, I wasn’t able to get any words out of my mouth. Instead, I smiled, gave him a thumbs-up, and waved as I continued towards my bus stop.

After being selected as a Fab Four (for which I was very thrilled), I shared my story on Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page. The story has now made many others smile, and while I’m a bit embarrassed, I am happy and glad to have shared it with everyone.


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