Photo A Day Challenge | May 2013

Mood: Happy Snapper

Um, can someone please pinch me? I am a bit stunned that tomorrow marks the first day of May.

This year has gone so quickly, and so slowly at the same time. The good news though is that the holiday J and I have been planning since November last year is finally taking place this month. Hooray for holidays!

My contribution to the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge will take on an international flavour for some of this month, and I can’t wait to shoot some photos while we are in Hong Kong. One of the reasons for our trip is to attend my cousin’s wedding, and we can’t wait to meet his lovely bride and get to know her. Another reason is to catch up with my other darling cousins who I last saw 2 years ago, when we were none the wiser about Master S’s health. J didn’t get to see much of the sights in HK the last time we were there, so we will be making a concerted effort to hit as many tourist attractions as possible. And yes, a day at the HK Disneyland is a must!

Here’s the list for May, along with more details on the prompts / topics / themes.

As I have done in the past, I will be sharing my photos on Instagram, as well as Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page, in addition to the special Facebook group Chantelle has created. You will also find my photos on StreamZoo and EyeEm. And I’m now back on Twitter – to the people who tried to ruin my Twitter fun, I won, so there.

Having told you where I will be sharing my photos, I will try my very best to continue the sharing while we are on holidays. It may prove to be too hard, so let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one. If it does fall into the “too hard” basket, I will be sure to share all my photos in one big batch on our return.

OK, May, here we go!


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