Pray for Boston

Mood: Sad

There is so much evil in the world. And so much hate. I just can’t understand why there is so much evil and hate, and why people can’t move past these feelings without bringing violence into the equation.

I woke this morning to news that 2 bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line, killing 2 people and injuring hundreds more. My thoughts were instantly with a number of our friends and associates who either live in Boston, or are in Boston for the marathon. A recently engaged friend has lived in Boston for the past 15 years, and being a runner, I thought there might have been a chance he and his fiancée were running in the marathon. A friend was racing in the marathon, which made my heart leap and sent me scouring the Internet to see if he was OK. A couple of J’s colleagues are also based in Boston, one of whom had only just relocated to Boston in the last month.

Thankfully, the news was good for us. Everyone we were worried about are safe and sound. My poor friend who was racing in the marathon is currently stuck in his hotel after the building went into lockdown, and he has no idea how long the lockdown will last. He is due to head to London to race in the London Marathon later this week, but I have a feeling he’s not really thinking about the race in London right now.

It’s unfathomable how much hate there is in this world. There is no other way to describe the motive behind the horrific Boston bombings. To maim and kill innocent people partaking in a happy and carefree pastime is to hate life so much that you would do anything to disrupt it. The most unfortunate thing about the people who perpetrated this hateful act is that they look like regular normal people, without any impediments or defects, but their cores must be a rotten mess of evil black to plan and execute their hateful plan of attack.

It took me weeks to get over the senseless murders in Colorado in July 2012. A hateful, senseless act of evil. Add cowardice to this picture when the murderer’s attorneys offered to have him plead guilty to try to avoid by the death penalty. No, dude, you do the crime, you do the time. The death penalty is too lenient on this oxygen thief anyway, in my opinion.

I have only just managed to stop crying every time I heard or read an article related to the awful events at the Sandy Hook Elementary School just before Christmas last year. I won’t make any comments about the shooter in this tragedy, other than hope that his soul is now at peace. I have nothing but sympathy towards all the families affected by this enormous tragedy. But yes, this was an act of hate, and I hate that so many people will never see their loved ones again.

I am so sad for the city of Boston and for all the people affected by this heinous act of hate. Sending love and prayers to all the good people of Boston and hope the city stays strong and fight back.


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