Photo A Day Challenge | April 2013

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Today marks my 1 year anniversary with the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge. Happy Anniversary to us!

12 months ago, I started this challenge as a way to keep my mind off the enormity of my gravely ill son’s extended hospital stay. My then 1-year-old had just undergone a bone marrow transplant to save his life, and we weren’t sure how long we would need to stay in hospital, nor how well Master S would recover from the transplant. We were facing a very uncertain future, and both J and I were scared beyond words.

This challenge provided a form of therapy for me, something that I sorely needed. I needed an amount of time each day to focus on something other than the medicines and the doctors and the nurses. The few minutes that I took each day to think about the daily topic and take the photo were invaluable in keeping my head above water, and I looked forward to that time every day. This became my “me time”, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking for things to photograph, and putting different effects on my photos to make them look pretty and interesting.

After we were discharged from hospital, I continued the challenge during our isolation period. Without this challenge, that long stretch of time where we were, for all intents and purposes, under quarantine would have been unbearable. Although most of my photos during this time were taken in and around our house, I still had this daily task to complete, and it made a huge difference to how I was feeling at the time; crushed under the debilitating strain of being stuck at home with an ill toddler who too was suffering from cabin fever, and the enormous stress of being this ill child’s mother/doctor/nurse. The challenge made me feel upbeat and hopeful, if for only a few minutes a day.

And now, 12 months later, Master S is the perfect picture of health. He walks and talks and eats and plays and climbs and excels like any child his age. He is your typical 2-year-old boy, running and jumping and climbing at every opportunity. You would not know the ordeal he had been through in his short, short life just by looking at him. J and I, on the other hand, are wiser and stronger for having endured the traumatic event, and ever so thankful that our little man fought so hard to stay with us.

I am still enjoying the Photo A Day Challenge. I am continuing my therapy as I have grown quite fond of my “me time”, and although I haven’t strictly taken one photograph per day in the last few months, I do still look forward to finding an interesting shot or angle to suit the daily topic.

Here’s the list for April, along with more details on the prompts / topics / themes.

As I have done in the past, I will be sharing my photos on Instagram, as well as Fat Mum Slim’s Facebook page, in addition to the special Facebook group Chantelle has created. You will also find my photos on StreamZoo and EyeEm. Due to a very unfortunate incident in March, I have now locked my Twitter account. You will only be able to see my Twitter feed if you follow me. So if you are keen, please send me a request.

12 months of fun, and many more to come. Bring on April!


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