Photo A Day Challenge | October

Mood: Happy Snapper

Another month of the fantastic Photo A Day Challenge by Chantelle, AKA Fat Mum Slim has passed. Taking a photograph a day has now become a ritual in my daily routine, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

The list for October (along with more details on the theme / prompts) has been published. It’s another great list, with a few themes / prompts that had appeared in earlier lists. I’m looking forward to finding a different interpretation for these repeated themes / prompts.

Feel free to join me in this fun challenge. All the “rules” of how to play the game are here – there really are no rules, just a set of guidelines on taking photos, and if you fancy, how to share your photos for everyone to admire. And Chantelle has also kindly written a piece about “How to not fail Photo A Day” – not that there is anything to fail, as this challenge is all about fun! So come on, join me and thousands of others this month and get clicking away!


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