Photo A Day Challenge | August

Mood: Happy Snapper

I want to hug Chantelle, AKA Fat Mum Slim. I want to go up to her in person, and give her the biggest hug.

Every month since April, I have taken part in this amazing Photo A Day Challenge. As you may recall, I joined the challenge to give me something to do each day while Master S was in hospital undergoing a life saving cord blood transplant. I have loved taking a photo every day following a list of themes / prompts, and I do look forward to taking my daily photo.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my photos, and seeing other people’s photos too. There are some really great photographers out there doing this challenge!

The list for August (along with more details on the theme / prompts) has been published. Another awesome list if I must say so myself!

Feel free to join me in this fun challenge. All the “rules” of how to play the game are here – there really are no rules, just a set of guidelines on how to share your photos for everyone to admire. Go on, join in this month. You know you want to!


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