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The Monorail is Dead!

Mood: Reminiscing

Poor poor Sydney Monorail. After years of being an expensive eyesore (both from an operations and a tourism point of view, and let’s face it, only tourists actually rode the Monorail), the NSW Government announced yesterday that they were finally going to pull this behemoth down.

I have only ever ridden the Monorail twice. Once when it was new, and once on the night of a Desperate and Dateless Ball. It was the end of the night, and there were swarms of drunk revellers trying to get out of the Sydney Entertainment Centre and head home, and my friend Doug had decided that the best way for us to get to somewhere sane was to ride the Monorail to a quieter location, then try and get a taxi home, or at least walk to a bus stop, away from the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Doug’s reasoning was to avoid any kind of trouble that may arise from too many drunk men and not enough fresh air inside the EntCent Monorail Station.

I can still recall, albeit fuzzily, trouble brewing amongst 2 small groups of men as we waited for the Monorail to arrive. We were still on the wrong side of the turnstiles, waiting to put money into the ticket machine to purchase a token, when the groups started inching towards us. Doug started pushing me further down the platform, just as we heard the carriages arrive. The groups started trading air punches, and like a superhero, Doug flew over the turnstiles, turned around, swooped me up in his arms and carried me into the carriage just as the doors were closing.

That was my one and only memory of riding the Monorail. That was my life before marriage and babies. A time that I still think of fondly, but don’t really miss.

My family has different memories, for they have taken our visiting uncles, aunties and cousins on the Monorail as a tourist activity. We have quite a few photos of our overseas visitors riding the Monorail with my parents, sisters and nieces and nephews.

My most recent memory associated with the Monorail is linked to my now life. It was nearly 3.5 years ago, when we took Miss M to the city for a day trip. The memory from that day still makes me smile.