Where Do Butterflies Come From?

Mood: Shuddering

No they don’t. Trust me, they don’t.

I have this thing about moths. They scare me. They are hairy, and dusty, and when they fly, they have no direction at all.

When they congregate around a street light, all that flapping around just sends shivers down my spine.

I have no idea how my Mottephobia came about, but I’ve had nightmares where I am chased, and then attacked, by an eclipse of moths.

I also have this thing about ants. You can say I have a mild case of Myrmecophobia. I don’t mind ants when they are minding their own business in the great outdoors, but when they invite themselves into my house, then it’s all out war.

My Myrmecophobia stems from accidentally leaning on an army of ants when I was 11. The ants were doing their thing up and down a brick wall, which I did not see until I felt the ants crawling up and down my back, my neck and the back of my head, some of which bit me and left me itchy and scratchy for the rest of the day.

My worst nightmare is being set upon by an army of ants with an aerial assault from an eclipse of moths.

Must stop thinking about moths and ants. I’m shuddering at the thought of them!


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