Migration Complete!

Mood: Exhausted!

7 months since I committed to migrating my Windows Live blog to WordPress, I have now finally completed what turned out to be a monumental task.

While using Windows Live, I had been a bit clever with my blog entries and incorporated a lot of HTML codes into my posts, to make the entries appear in a certain way. When I imported the entries into WordPress, the code stayed, which made the posts impossible to read using the theme I had selected. There were other formatting issues as well, and as I’m so fastidious about how I want my blog to look, I set about updating every post.

To start with, there were over 320 posts that needed editing. I thought it would be an easy task, but alas, it was a bit bigger than I anticipated. Then there were the new things I had to learn about WordPress. The theme alone took me months to decide. Having blogged at Windows Live for years, I had to learn how to navigate around a new dashboard, and many hair pulling hours later, I can now confidently say I have mastered it.

When I started this little project, my life was just starting to get busy. Since November last year, J and I bought a house and moved, and we welcomed a darling little man into our lives. Master S has been keeping us on our toes and became my priority project, so the editing fell by the wayside.

Bit by bit, I went back through all the entries and changed the coding. While it was a little bit tedious, it was also fun, as I got to read through my entries again. I especially loved the ones I wrote about J and me in the early days. I was so in love. And luckily, I still am, perhaps even more so than those early days.

As my days no longer belong to me, with Master S in charge of how my time is spent, this little blog may not be updated for weeks on end. However, I am still an avid reader when time permits, and I’m sure I’ll find interesting things to be amused by. And when I do, I look forward to sharing my random musings with you.


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