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The Royal Wedding of Wills & Kate

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The day has finally dawned! Today, HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis finally marries his long time love Catherine Elizabeth Middleton!

At the risk of sounding completely lame, I have been excitedly looking forward to the Royal Wedding for weeks and weeks. As the wedding day drew closer, I became more and more excited, as if I had been personally invited to attend the wedding and was actually going to be sitting amongst the VIPs inside Westminster Abbey to see Wills and Kate become man and wife.

Oh, yes, I’m on first name basis with the happy couple. We’re this close, Wills and Kate and me.

I have no idea why I’m so excited. It’s not like I know these people personally – I’ve never met them, and am unlikely to ever meet them, but yet I am sitting on the couch, glued to the television, wearing my sparkly wedding shoes, my triple string of pearls, my best Hello Kitty pyjamas, and my favourite purple robe with white polka dots. I’ve organised for the champagne to be chilling in the fridge, and I have enough Pimms to last me all night, along with double Brie and crackers and dips on the nibbles menu. And we are still hours away from the actual wedding itself!

J has been busy teasing me about my “obsession” with the Royal Wedding, and is tactfully sitting in the study, quietly working the late shift and occasionally checking on me to make sure I have enough to eat and drink. What a good husband.

At some point tonight, I’m going to have to cook dinner, and J deliberately chose the Chinese style roast pork, so that I could put it in the oven and walk away until it is ready to eat. So considerate of him!

I had joked with J that he was going to be baby duties on his own tonight. I was only half joking, but J was happy to take on those duties, as well as trying to work at the same time. Master S is fast asleep as I type, and I’ll tend to him when he needs tending.

Poor little mite. Master S has been sick for the past few days, and he screamed for 30 minutes this afternoon after he was woken from his slumber while in the car seat. He was screaming so much that we thought he might have been in pain, so we fed him some Baby Panadol and he fell asleep almost straight away. I don’t think he was too pleased that I was so “involved” with the Royal Wedding. I’ll try to tear myself away from the coverage while I’m tending to him.

I can only attribute my interest in the Royal Wedding to my happy memories of J and my wedding day. On that beautiful winter day in August 2010, I was so excited to become Mrs H, and I can still feel the love and the happiness from our very special day. I can only imagine just how excited Kate is feeling right now, having dated Wills for so many years, before he finally proposed to her in October 2010 during their holiday in Kenya.

I was thrilled to bits when Wills and Kate announced their engagement on 16 November 2010. And even more thrilled to see Kate wearing Diana’s 18-carat white gold ring with a 12-carat oval sapphire and 14 round diamonds. It was touching to hear Wills’ explanation of why he chose to give Kate his mother’s ring, which actually belonged to his brother Harry. Wills wanted to his mother to be part of this most special moment in his life, and Harry happily gave up the ring for his brother to propose to Kate.

Since the Royal Engagement announcement, I’ve had a lot more people comment on my engagement ring, which features a large blue-purple stone (3.5ct Tanzanite) surrounded by lots of diamonds. I remember seeing Diana’s ring (and now Kate’s ring) as an 8 year old, and hoping that I would one day have a ring just like that. Lucky me, dreams do come true!

I remember how nervous I was as I was about to walk into the church in front of 100 of our nearest and dearest family and friends, so I can only imagine how nervous Kate is feeling right now, as she is getting ready for her special day, psyching herself up to walk down the aisle to her proud and equally nervous husband-to-be, in front of hundreds of invited guests, with her every step being beamed to 2 billion people worldwide who, like me, are glued to the television.

So many people are eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of Kate’s dress, hair, flowers, veil, jewels, shoes, make up (apparently, she’s doing her own make up – good for her!). I too am keen to see all of these details. I’m such a sucker for weddings.

I can still remember bits and pieces of Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding 30 years ago. I was 8 at the time, and we were spending the summer with my paternal grandmother (奶奶) at her Repulse Bay apartment in Hong Kong. It was a hot day, in the middle of summer, and I remember being given an ice block for a treat. I watched the coverage with great interest, waiting for the moment when Diana stepped out of the car and into the public view, to show off her meringue of a dress with puffed sleeves and the long long LONG train. I remember wanting to have a dress like that when I got married. Oh how I adored the dress. I cut out pictures from newspapers and magazines and stuck them all over my diary. For years, I wanted to have that dress as my wedding dress. I’m so glad I changed my mind when my time came, and I chose a more modern and streamlined dress.

And so begins my “live” blogging. All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

4.00pm: The Royal Wedding coverage commences. I’m choosing to watch the coverage on Channel 7.

4.30pm: Wills will be wearing the red uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards for his wedding today.

4.45pm: Breaking news – Wills and Kate will be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after they are married.

5.00pm: The good folk at Channel 7 have been busy little bees, putting together package after package of bits and pieces to do with William and Kate. Inevitable mentions of the late Diana, Princess of Wales are dotted throughout these packages.

5.30pm: The guests have started to stream through Westminster Abbey.

5.38pm: I wonder if any of the guests are allowed to bring cameras to the wedding.

5.50pm: The comparisons between Diana and Kate are being played again. Poor Kate. She will forever be compared to Diana.

6.00pm: News. I take a break here to make a phone call. It turned out to be a most distressing phone call. But that is best to be left to another blog.

6.30pm: David and Victoria Beckham have just arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding. Posh looks hot! I love her hat!!! Ian Thorpe has been spotted at the wedding already, so too Prince Harry’s purported date, his on-again-off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Thorpie looks good in his suit. Chelsy looks quite demure in green. They are to be seated in the “general congregation”.

6.35pm: Royal uncle Earl Charles Spencer is on the TV. His date and fiancée Karen Gordon is hidden under a very big pink hat.

6.45pm: Sir Elton John and David Furnish have arrived at Westminster Abbey.

6.50pm: Former British PM John Major and his wife are being seated.

6.55pm: Australian PM Julia Gillard and her First Bloke Tim Mathieson have arrived. I hate her outfit. The only thing I like is her hair. The hat is awful, and jacket is awful, and the shift dress is awful. The awful jacket is in such an awful colour; it totally washes her out. On the other hand, New Zealand PM John Key’s wife Bronagh looked stunning in her outfit.

7.05pm: British PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha have arrived at the Abbey. Samantha Cameron looks sensational in a gorgeous green dress with an orange shawl. No hat for her!!!

7.10pm: Master S wakes up. Boo.

7.13pm: Wills and Harry leave Clarence House! Both looking very smart in their uniforms. I bet this is the only time the heir and the spare are both allowed to travel together. Wills is grinning from ear to ear!

7.20pm: The princes have arrived at the Abbey, to the screams of the excited crowds. Wills looks very nervous. Bless!

7.22pm: Oooh, Harry, HELLO!!!

7.23pm: The princes talk to and greet their many relatives.

7.24pm: The Sultan of Brunei and his wife arrive at the Abbey, after the princes. As does the King of Tonga.

7.25pm: Kate’s mother Carole and brother James leave the Goring Hotel.

7.30pm: Junior members of the Royal family are being shuttled to the Abbey in minibuses.

7.33pm: Carole Middleton, mother of the bride, looks amazing as she arrives at the Abbey.

7.35pm: Beatrice and Eugenie are being driven to the Abbey.

7.38pm: A bunch of Royal people and their partners arrive at the Abbey. Among them are Princess Anne’s kids Peter Phillips and Zara Phillips, and the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

7.40pm: Prince Charles and Camilla leave Clarence House.

7.43pm: Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence, Prince Edward and his wife the Countess of Wessex, Beatrice and Eugenie arrive at the Abbey.

7.43pm: The Queen and Prince Philip leave Buckingham Palace.

7.44pm: Prince Charles and Camilla arrive at the Abbey. Camilla looks lovely in a cream outfit.

7.45pm: The bridesmaids leave Goring Hotel.

7.50pm: The Queen and Prince Philip arrive at the Abbey. The Queen is wearing yellow and looking spectacular.

7.53pm: Kate and her father Michael leave Goring Hotel. There’s lace! I see lace and long sleeves. Hair down. Tiara and veil. Small bouquet. Long train. Gorgeous!!! Looks a lot like the dress worn by the late Princess Grace of Monaco. Just stunning.

7.57pm: The bridemaids and pageboys arrive at the Abbey. Kate’s sister Pippa looks stunning!!! That dress is sensational. The kids look absolutely gorgeous.

8.00pm: The bride and her father arrive at the Abbey. Oh what a stunning dress! Classic, gorgeous, elegant.

8.05pm: Wills and Harry walk to their positions. Wills is so nervous he’s smirking! Kate and Michael walk slowly down the red carpet, past hundreds and hundreds of VIPs. Apparently, Kate’s been told to take her time to try and savour and remember the most important day of her life.

8.10pm: Wills is resisting the temptation to turn around to look at Kate. Kate arrives at the altar – it’s the first time he sees her in her dress. He whispers the words “You look beautiful” to Kate, then says something else with a wink. Awwww…

8.15pm: Dinner is getting cold waiting for me to plate up, J is playing computer games when he’s suppose to be working, and Master S is starting to grizzle because he’s getting tired. So much for J’s promise to help with everything so I could watch the Royal Wedding!

8.18pm: Exchange of vows. Kate got Wills’ name correct! I had hoped she wouldn’t stuff it up. Good on you, Kate!

8.19pm: Kate receives her wedding ring. Wills has to twist it over her knuckle and shove it on. Ouch!

8.20pm: And they are married. Congratulations Wills and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

8.25pm: Kate’s brother James reads Romans 12: 1-2, 9-18. Plenty of dramatic pauses, and he was word perfect.

8.30pm: My little darling Master S is packed off back to bed. Kisses for my little man while I plate up dinner for J and me. J by now is aware that I’m a little bit pissed off that I’ve had to do a lot more than I thought I would. Yes, I managed to feed the baby, cook and serve dinner during my “Do Not Disturb” period of time. There’s nothing like having to look after a hungry baby and a working husband who would rather play computer games during the lull periods of work time than give me a break so I could enjoy the Royal Wedding.

8.40pm: Wills and Kate look so bored during the Address.

8.52pm: Everyone is singing the English national anthem. Except for the Queen. I make a mention of this and J says, in a bemused voice, “What, you want her to sing ‘God save me’?” Well, every little bit helps!

8.55pm: Wills and Kate, along with their families, go to the private area to sign their lives away.

8.59pm: Princess Anne’s hat is gorgeous. Not sold on Beatrice’s hat, but I like her outfit. Not sold on Eugenie’s outfit, but I like her hat. I hate her fringe though. Eugenie’s outfit highlights the fact that she has inherited her mother’s hips. And quite possibly her mother’s dress sense.

9.02pm: Zara Phillips is wearing a massive black hat that is tilted on the side. Oh dear. But in a good kind of way.

9.03pm: Wills and Kate’s families return from the signing of the registries.

9.05pm: Wills and Kate, along with Harry and Pippa return from signing of the registries. Wills and Kate start to head out of the Abbey. But first, Kate curtesies to the Queen. Wills and Kate start walking out of the Abbey, down the long red carpet.

9.09pm: Bless Wills. He’s being so careful not to tread on Kate’s dress.

9.10pm: And out of the Abbey they emerge! Rapturous applause and cheers! Woot!

9.11pm: Into the carriage they carefully step. They look so happy! Bet they are hanging to have that first kiss!!!

9.12pm: Wills looks like he’s gagging to snog his new bride, but alas, they must wait according to the schedule!

9.20pm: Wills and Kate look so relaxed and happy. Oh, I’m so pleased for them. The commentators are saying that Kate was true to her style and chose a dress that was beautiful and elegant, when she could have gone for a great big thing. I’m glad Kate chose the dress she’s wearing. It really is a timeless classic dress.

9.37pm: Ok, I’m bored with waiting for the kiss. And according to the schedule, it’s not happening for another hour or so.

9.45pm: It appears Wills and Kate and their families are having their official photos taken inside Buckingham Palace. Hope they have a good photographer who doesn’t obscure their faces with candles, and who doesn’t blame the bride and groom for being inept at taking a clear photo!

10.15pm: Master S wakes again for another feed. Boo. His timing has been impeccable tonight.

10.25pm: Wills and Kate step out onto the balcony. She says “Oh wow!” Bless!!!

10.27pm: THE KISS!!! More like a little peck. Come on, Wills, put your back into it.

10.29pm: ANOTHER KISS!!! Well done, Wills and Kate.

10.30pm: Big planes fly over the Palace.

10.35pm: Wills gently leads Kate back inside the Palace. So cute that Kate turns around to have one last look before they go inside. Let the parties begin!

The coverage is continuing for the time being, but I don’t think anything else interesting is going to happen. The wedding was gorgeous and I really do hope that Wills and Kate have a very happy and long marriage.

Congratulations, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Here’s to you!