26 Days To Go!

Mood: Very Happy

This poor little blog has been neglected for some time, while I’ve been busy doing a bunch of other stuff. So to those who have been checking back to see what else has been happening with the wedding, my apologies.

Not only have the wedding preparations been keeping me busy, recent developments have kept me on my toes too. You see, J and I are expecting a little bundle of joy at the end of the year.

We found out about our surprise in late April, and were finally given the all clear to tell the world in mid June. Since then, we have been inundated with well wishes, and I have been inundated with advice (mostly unsolicited) about pregnancy and motherhood. This very crazy but loving period has added to the craziness surrounding the wedding preparations, and as a result, there has been no time to blog.

And just to be clear, we are over the moon with our Speedy bump. J and I had planned to start trying for kids straight after the wedding, but alas, the best laid plans never go accordingly, and instead of announcing our pregnancy at Christmas time (as per the plans), we will be announcing the birth of our baby.

The wedding preparations are almost finalised. We have received all RSVPs from our guests and are about to start doing the seating plans. My dress is still being altered, which is coming along beautifully. Everything and everyone else is pretty much all set. I’m happy to report that barring a few details to be finalised, we are all but done with the organising!

The biggest and happiest piece of news since I last blogged is that my Uncle Charles and his daughter Carolyn, as well as Aunt Magdalen will also be joining us for the wedding. So unexpected, but so much wanted. We are so blessed and thrilled to have so many loved ones travel from all over the world to join us for our big day.

In between all the wedding preparations, we have been visiting doctors to ensure our little Speedy bump is growing normally, and that I’m healthy and providing sufficient nutrients, etc, to Speedy. We have another appointment later this week with the lovely Dr Rod Baber, when I’ll be asking all sorts of questions, like what I can and can’t eat (I’m craving ham and salami), what I can and can’t use on my skin, and stuff along those lines. Speedy is 15 weeks today!

Life is going well, and I can’t be happier. Just over 3 weeks till I’m married – woot!


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