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Things That Made Me Go Hmmmm…

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This week in news has seen some shocking headlines that have left me bemused and somewhat frustrated.

Mel Gibson & The Skank

Making international headlines this week is “our very own” Mel Gibson, who is embroiled in a very ugly and bitter custody battle over his youngest child with his gold digging Russian ex-girlfriend since their inevitable split some months ago.

For quite some time now, Mel’s public image has taken a battering. From the handsome young man who was Australian acting royalty (even though he was born in America), to the successful actor and director who was capable of churning out box office hit after box office hit, to the devoted husband and family man, things took a turn for the worse when Mel was caught canoodling with semi naked young females and appearing to be drunk and disorderly. Then he said a large number of things that should have been left unsaid, which upset just about everyone on earth. Soon after, allegations of infidelity emerged, and lo and behold, news of divorce from his wife of 28 years weren’t far behind.

Without stopping for breath, Mel stepped out with his new squeeze, who almost immediately announcing she was pregnant to Mel before everyone had a chance to adjust. My personal opinion at the time was the union would not last – everything about this woman reeked of gold digging skank trying to fast track her career and rise in fame. And boy, was I right!

This week’s headlines make the storylines on Days of Our Lives and The Bold & The Beautiful look positively amateur. The silly skank has been releasing to the public “explosive secret telephone recordings” of “Mad Mel” making all sorts of threats over the phone to her at the rate of one recording per day. The first recording made Mel look pretty bad, but as more recordings surfaced, I started doubting their authenticity. The person purporting to be Mel making the threats become increasingly hysterical in each successive recording, and didn’t even sound like Mel in the latest recording.

People in Hollywood always weigh into these kinds of battles, and the Mel v Skank train wreck has provided some very juicy fodder for everyone. So many people have jumped on Mel, condemning him for his alleged threats. His talent management agency dropped him like a hot potato, and newsreaders across Australia have stopped referring to him as “our very own”. A few people have come out in support of Mel, those like me who have sat back a bit to see if the Skank is playing dirty, or if there is any truth to these allegations.

Today, the best twist of the story came to light, when Mel’s estranged wife Robin came out in support of Mel, filing papers with the courts to state that Mel had never ever been physically violent nor made any threats towards her or their family in the 28 years they were together. Booyah!

The Bile & The Tart

Shock jock Vile Bile Sandilands and his tarty tart tart wife have split after 2 years of marriage. Major headline news across Australia.

Apparently, she’s spending too much of his money, and he’s spending too much time away in LA trying to make more money for her to spend.  And now comes speculation that he’s found new love in LA. Gross. Who would want to sleep with that?

She should be grateful that it lasted as long as it did. She got the $100K engagement ring, the $1M wedding, the album, the lifestyle. Without him, she would have been nothing – no one to bankroll her “pop star career”, no one to sell magazine and TV show deals to. It’s back to the anonymous life she led before Vile Bile propositioned her on national radio.

Finally, does anyone really care about this disgusting pig of a man and his lifestyle choices? Get off my TV and out of my newspapers!

The Underbelly Effect

I’ve saved the best rant for last. Some idiot bimbo was arrested at the airport earlier this week whilst trying to board a flight to Dubai. Her alleged crime? Being involved in a plot to avenge her boyfriend’s almost fatal shooting in which she herself was also shot by taking out a “contract” on the life of someone who she thought was responsible for the shooting. And why is the Australian media so interested in this story? The girl is the fiancée of the brother of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim.

John Ibrahim is a larger than life little man who has built his fortunes on nightclubs in the Cross. He was most recently romanticised as a hero in the latest offering of Underbelly, the “crime” series that has proven a hit for Channel 9. Late last year, John’s brother Fadi was shot a number of times while he was sitting in his car outside his home with Shayda, his then girlfriend now fiancée and mother of his future child. Fadi almost died from his wounds and he spent weeks in hospital recovering.

A group of bumbling idiots, of which Fadi and Shayda were a part, started planning a revenge attack on the person they thought was responsible for the shooting. Fadi was arrested by the police and charged with a number of offences. Along with bail set at $1M, the police imposed a very strict curfew on him which allows him to be out in public between 8.30am and 6pm.

Shayda’s arrest must have come as no surprise to those in the know. She was immediately escorted from the airport to jail, where she was charged with conspiracy to murder. On the day of the court hearing, the Sopranos WAG wannabes flooded the outside of the courthouse, in hope of being “seen” by the media. Fadi, the faithful fiancé, also appeared at the hearing to support Shayda. At the court hearing, bail was set at $1M, plus $100K in cash. You would have thought Fadi would have just pulled out his cheque book and written the cheque straight away.

Instead, Shayda was left to languish in jail, while her family and friends tried to raise the bail. When this failed, she had to spend another night in jail, before Fadi’s brother John came forward with the surety to free his soon to be sister in law. Fadi and Shayda now have matching his and hers curfew. Oh, young love.

Here’s the thing that gets me – why in the world did John come forward with the surety, and not Fadi? Why would you stay with your totally rich and loaded fiancé if he can’t bail you out of jail, and had to wait for your future brother in law to do the right thing? And considering you’re part of a group of people who is constantly under police scrutiny, why oh why did you throw yourself into a plot to murder the person you thought was responsible for shooting you in the leg?

Australian mafia = massive fail. What a joke!

Therein ends rant. These are just some of the things that made me go hmmmmm this week. Have a good weekend, all!


The Old Spice Guy

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Last week, J and I watched The Gruen Transfer and saw the below ad. It made us laugh. We loved it so much, we watched again and again, each time laughing until we cried.

The actor in these Old Spice commercials is a former American football player called Isaiah Mustafa, who’s now known world wide as The Old Spice Guy. To say the least, this guy has won over viewers far and wide with his deadpan, tongue in cheek performances, not to mention his faultless display of his fine, fine chest.

The ads were made by an American agency called Wieden+Kennedy. The first ad, “The Man You Could Smell Like”, won the coveted Grand Prix in the film category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June this year. The ad was selected from 3,191 entries in the film category. The 30-second ad, which consists of a single tracking shot, has been viewed more than 55 million times on YouTube, making it YouTube’s most viewed sponsored channel of all time. The ad received much praise from jury President Mark Tutssel, global chief creative officer at the Leo Burnett Worldwide ad agency, who said “It took an old, sleepy brand and woke it up, and overnight wove its way into popular culture.”

The ex footballer Mustafa is now milking his fame for all its worth, and who can blame him? While his name is not instantly familiar to people, his moniker and his bare chest certainly are!

“I’m on a horse.” How can you not love that?

And then, here’s the follow up. Just as good.

These are 2 of the best ads I have seen in ages. Thank you, Wieden+Kennedy!

26 Days To Go!

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This poor little blog has been neglected for some time, while I’ve been busy doing a bunch of other stuff. So to those who have been checking back to see what else has been happening with the wedding, my apologies.

Not only have the wedding preparations been keeping me busy, recent developments have kept me on my toes too. You see, J and I are expecting a little bundle of joy at the end of the year.

We found out about our surprise in late April, and were finally given the all clear to tell the world in mid June. Since then, we have been inundated with well wishes, and I have been inundated with advice (mostly unsolicited) about pregnancy and motherhood. This very crazy but loving period has added to the craziness surrounding the wedding preparations, and as a result, there has been no time to blog.

And just to be clear, we are over the moon with our Speedy bump. J and I had planned to start trying for kids straight after the wedding, but alas, the best laid plans never go accordingly, and instead of announcing our pregnancy at Christmas time (as per the plans), we will be announcing the birth of our baby.

The wedding preparations are almost finalised. We have received all RSVPs from our guests and are about to start doing the seating plans. My dress is still being altered, which is coming along beautifully. Everything and everyone else is pretty much all set. I’m happy to report that barring a few details to be finalised, we are all but done with the organising!

The biggest and happiest piece of news since I last blogged is that my Uncle Charles and his daughter Carolyn, as well as Aunt Magdalen will also be joining us for the wedding. So unexpected, but so much wanted. We are so blessed and thrilled to have so many loved ones travel from all over the world to join us for our big day.

In between all the wedding preparations, we have been visiting doctors to ensure our little Speedy bump is growing normally, and that I’m healthy and providing sufficient nutrients, etc, to Speedy. We have another appointment later this week with the lovely Dr Rod Baber, when I’ll be asking all sorts of questions, like what I can and can’t eat (I’m craving ham and salami), what I can and can’t use on my skin, and stuff along those lines. Speedy is 15 weeks today!

Life is going well, and I can’t be happier. Just over 3 weeks till I’m married – woot!