60 Days To Go!

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, for which I apologise!

Things have been so hectic and busy of late that this little blog has suffered as a result.

I’ve been busy with the wedding plans. The biggest news in recent times is that we’ve moved the wedding date, forward, to 1 August. Moving things forward has meant that we’ve had to get a lot more things done much more quickly.

So, first things first. Why did we change the wedding date? We changed the date at the request of my family. It was disappointing to have to have to change our Perfect 10 wedding date, but in the end, J and I just couldn’t be bothered arguing with the family any more, so we changed the date.

Thankfully, we have suffered no setbacks at all. The church was fine, the priest was fine, and the reception place was fine. No monetary penalties at all. Just helpful lovely people telling us that everything was all set and locked in for 1 August.

Since I last blogged, we have now completed a massive list of things, with a few more things still to do. With 60 days to go, we are now on the final countdown.

Things we’ve completed:

– Church and priest booked
– Reception venue booked
– Wedding photographer booked
– J’s family attendance confirmed (We are expecting 10 of them!!! Including both grandmothers!!!)
– J’s family’s flights booked
– J’s family’s accommodation booked
– My extended family attendance confirmed (Uncle Henry and Aunty Karen will be coming to Sydney to join in the fun!!!)
– Wedding Invitations made
– Wedding cake tasted and booked
– Wedding dress and veil ordered and paid for (it just has to arrive in the post now!!!)
– Wedding shoes purchased (OMG they are gorgeous!!!)
– Wedding underwear purchased
– Wedding guest list finalised
– Wedding car booked (I’ll be arriving at the church in a London Black Cab!)
– J’s suit hired (OMG he looks so hot in it!!!)
– Flower girls’ outfits purchased
– Matching outfits for the other little girls purchased
– Hair and make up artists tentatively booked
– Honeymoon purchased (finally!!!)
– Wedding music almost finalised
– Hens night organised
– Bucks night organised

Things we’ve yet to complete:

– Wedding invites to be posted – which will happen by the end of the week
– Wedding menu & wine tasting – this has been booked in for tomorrow evening
– Wedding flowers – we’re booked in to meet with Jennie the florist on Saturday afternoon
– Wedding ceremony – we’re booked in to meet with Father Paul Coleman on 12 June
– Order of Service to be printed – which will happen after we speak with the priest
– Wedding music – which will be finalised after we speak with the priest

Of course, we’ll need to finalise the numbers once we have received all the RSVPs from our guests.

And after the wedding, there will be a bunch of stuff we’ll need to do to return things to the correct places to get our refundable deposits. And I’m sure there’ll be a million other things to do in between, but we are almost there.

60 days to go!


One response to “60 Days To Go!

  1. We already have our invite! 😀 But then this was from two weeks ago and i am only just posting here

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