Miracles Amongst Wedding Plans

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For every newly engaged bride to be, the journey of organising one’s wedding is an exciting if somewhat daunting and stressful one. Luckily for me, my journey so far has been one blessed with miracles.

Today marks the 17th day since J proposed to me, in the middle of our NYC trip. We arrived back in Australia on 10 November, and we spent that day unpacking our luggage and restocking our fridge, and catching up on other general housekeeping tasks.

My first wedding enquiries were made on 11 November.

10 days later, I have all but organised the entire wedding.

Well, ok, so not really the whole wedding, but most of the big ticket items are locked in. J and I have been blessed with miracle after miracle, and everything is falling into place for our Perfect 10 wedding.

J has known for the better part of our relationship that my dream wedding date is 10/10/2010. I had initially wanted 08/08/2008, but realising that date was never going to happen for us (J and I met in January of 2008, and we were so not ready to be married by August!), I set my sights on the Perfect 10 wedding.

We had assumed that the date would be a much sought after date, as we were certain others would feel the same as we do. We hoped all the venues we wanted would be available by the time I started making enquiries, but were prepared to be disappointed if the venues were unavailable.

So, first things first – the church and the priest. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be married in a Catholic church. And my mother’s. My sisters were both married in churches, but not exactly the way my mother had planned. You see, Grace was already married by the time she had her ceremony in our Catholic church, and Georgianna got married in a non-Catholic church. I was my mother’s last chance to get that proper Catholic church wedding.

I began laying some ground work with our church (St Francis Xavier at Lavender Bay) at the beginning of this year, returning to attend weekly masses with Mum every Sunday. Since January, I’ve missed 4 masses – due to illness, work commitments and J and I being away in NYC. It was lovely being back in that community – I had been going to our church on and off for the past 7 or so years, and I’ve found I do enjoy attending mass.

During this time, I had come to like our very popular parish priest Father Paul very much, and hoped he would be available to celebrate J and my marriage.

Our first 2 miracles came by way of the church being available on our wedding date, and Father Paul agreeing to bless our marriage on the day. Church – check, priest – check.

Next big ticket item: wedding reception venue. As J is still not very familiar with the North Sydney / Milsons Point / Lavender Bay area, he left the venue investigations to me. I had already looked at a package from the Vibe Hotel in Milsons Point prior to our holiday to NYC, and had liked what they had to offer. But we had to hold off on making firm enquiries until we spoke with my folks, who were on their own overseas holiday and weren’t due back in Sydney until 17 November. Nevertheless, I left messages for the events team at Vibe to contact me – if nothing else than to check the availability of the venue.

We really wanted to check with my folks about their vision of our wedding reception before we made venue enquiries. The reason was simple enough: Dad had insisted on a huge wedding banquet for both sisters when they got married, and if Dad was going to insist on a huge wedding banquet for J and me, then we were more than happy to hand over the organisation of the wedding reception to him and Mum.

J and I had dinner with the folks on Tuesday night, and Dad was more than happy to go with whatever J and I thought was best for our day. Dad and Mum were very supportive with our desired plans to have a Western wedding reception, which would be easier for me to organise and easier for us to cater for all the food allergies, food intolerances and other special dietary requirements of our guests. With this information to hand, I forged ahead with another phone call to Vibe Hotel.

I’m happy to report that the reception venue is a check also!

I have found the style of a dress that I think will suit me, and had hoped to see it in a shop today. Unfortunately, the style is an "old" model and it was part of a collection from 2 years ago, which means it will be very difficult to track down the exact dress now without going straight to the source in USA and ordering it directly from them. Oh well, the search for the perfect dress is all part of the fun, which I hope Mum will be able to join in further down the track. As my friend Cam said, "if you keep organising it all this quickly, you’ll forget about it by the time the day finally comes!" So true. So very very true.

We have had so many miracles thus far. We’ll need more miracles as we move through the journey. Methinks for the rest of this year, we’ll back off the wedding plans and enjoy the engagement glow. In any case, there is an engagement party to organise – and we really should get a move on with those plans if it’s going to happen in January 2010!


2 responses to “Miracles Amongst Wedding Plans

  1. I applogise right now about all food issues caused by me 😀

  2. Danie, you\’re not a bother – we have so many others on the guest list who have food intolerances and allergies, me included!!! 😀

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