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This Week’s Musings

Mood: Busy

What a busy few weeks we’ve had!

The much anticipated trip to New Zealand finally dawned, and all too quickly concluded. We’ve been back in Sydney for almost 2 weeks now, with that relaxed feeling from a nice cruisy holiday all but dissapated. Never mind. Our next holiday is just over 40 sleeps away, which we are really looking forward to.

I’ll blog about New Zealand another time. We still haven’t sorted through the 800 photos we took on our trip – the joys of having a digital camera and setting it to take multiple photos of the same event!

Thought I’d just jot down some random events from this week.

Random Act of Kindness

On the bus last night on my way home, I witnessed something that was really sweet.

A lady got on the bus at my bus stop. She had a few bags and was speaking to the driver about a bus fare. It turned out that she didn’t have a bus ticket and my bus stop was turned into a "prepay ticket holders only" bus stop way back in June. She had money to pay for her ticket, but the bus driver would not take her money.

A young man at the front of the bus jumped up and dipped his own Travel Ten into the machine. The lady was very literally about to be asked to leave the bus when he came to her rescue. I thought that was lovely.

The story doesn’t end there. As the young man was getting off the bus, he handed the lady his Travel Ten – with only ONE trip recorded on it – hers. He insisted she take the ticket, "in case the bus inspector got on the bus or something". The lady tried to decline the very generous offer, but the young man persisted. He told her he "didn’t really need the ticket anyway" and to have a nice evening. That ticket would have cost him nearly $25.

I thought that was lovely.


Yesterday, I finally decided to wash my hands of my now ex friend Bridezilla and her fiancé Pussy-Whipped Lunkhead. It’s much better to wash my hands now and cut my losses, considering she had already siphoned 10 years of my life and thousands of dollars in "I really want to do this thing but I can afford it so if you pay for it now I’ll pay you back later" and "Hey, do you have any cigarettes?" and "Hey, I’m so broke right now – can you buy me a drink?"

The lies they have been spreading about why I’ve walked away are so hurtful that I’m glad she’s finally shown her true colours. There are so many more people in the world so much more worthy of my time. Thank goodness I will never ever have to listen to her talk about her and only her all the time.

I may blog about the debacle at a later date. After all, I have an awesome picture I want to use!

Little Balls of Molten Lava

On to a happier note. Well, sort of.

J and I had to go to Chatswood last night for a range of reasons, one of which was to grab dinner. We decided to go and get ourselves some takoyaki from Colotako, a Japanese food stall set up in Chatswood Mall on Thursday nights as part of the Melody Markets. We’ve tried these yummy Japanese dumplings before and thought they would make a fantastic starter before our main course of Chinese food further down the street.

The last time we had these was also our first time. The little dumpling balls were gorgeous – the skin was crispy without being tough, and the inside was fluffy and a little bit gooey, which was awesome. We tried the traditional takoyaki (which has octopus) as well as crab takoyaki. Both were delicious.

Unfortunately, we were not expecting the takoyaki to be as undercooked as they were last night.

I lined up to get our takoyaki while J browsed in a nearby shop. It was a much shorter wait last night than the previous occasion, and as we were a bit hungry, we tucked into the snacks straight away. J put the whole thing in his mouth, and has been regretting it ever since.

The little ball of molten lava exploded in his mouth. J tried in vain to cool the contents inside his mouth by sucking in some big breaths of air, but this only inflamed the situation. (Plus the air temperature last night was around 25C, so if nothing else, he was sucking in warm air in an attempt to cool down the hot stuff. Not pretty.) After a few seconds, I urged him to spit the takoyaki into the bin.

It was already too late.

The gooey batter which proved to be hotter than the surface of the sun had done its damage on J’s tongue. It took about 10 minutes for the full effect to take hold, and by the time we finally got J some cold water to sooth his burning mouth, a large layer of skin had been burnt off and separated from the centre of his tongue.

My poor lad.

Thankfully, in the sober light of day, his tongue today doesn’t look so bad. The burnt patch has started healing and it was looking a lot less sore this morning, which is a relief. Fingers crossed J doesn’t pick up any kind of mouth infections between now and full recovery!