Renée’s Birthday & Brüno Premiere

Mood: Smiling

Brüno premiered in Sydney last night with a glitterati swankfest at the State Theatre on Market Street. Apparently, Brüno arrived on a horse.

We found out about the premiere the hard way. By being stuck in traffic for 30 minutes, inching Tom the Holden Cruze (and little to no help from TomTom) from Loftus Street to the Fish Markets, via Market Street.

According to Google Maps, this trip should have taken us 11 minutes by car using the route we took. If we had chosen to walk, it would have taken 40 minutes.

The only reason we were even driving in the city, not only in peak hour traffic but also through the mess that Market Street becomes when big red carpet events are held at the State Theatre, was that we were on our way to dinner with the family to celebrate niece Renée’s 5th birthday.

Having said all of that, we are glad we went to dinner, the featured dishes being the delicious emperor crab cooked in two ways (in ginger and shallots, and in garlic butter). The crab dishes were so good! There were plenty of other yummy dishes as well, topped off at the end of the evening by the massive Melody Mermaid birthday cake.

We took loads of pictures and I’ll upload them to my Picasa Web Albums shortly. I’m a bit behind with uploading photos over the past few months!


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