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Renée’s Birthday & Brüno Premiere

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Brüno premiered in Sydney last night with a glitterati swankfest at the State Theatre on Market Street. Apparently, Brüno arrived on a horse.

We found out about the premiere the hard way. By being stuck in traffic for 30 minutes, inching Tom the Holden Cruze (and little to no help from TomTom) from Loftus Street to the Fish Markets, via Market Street.

According to Google Maps, this trip should have taken us 11 minutes by car using the route we took. If we had chosen to walk, it would have taken 40 minutes.

The only reason we were even driving in the city, not only in peak hour traffic but also through the mess that Market Street becomes when big red carpet events are held at the State Theatre, was that we were on our way to dinner with the family to celebrate niece Renée’s 5th birthday.

Having said all of that, we are glad we went to dinner, the featured dishes being the delicious emperor crab cooked in two ways (in ginger and shallots, and in garlic butter). The crab dishes were so good! There were plenty of other yummy dishes as well, topped off at the end of the evening by the massive Melody Mermaid birthday cake.

We took loads of pictures and I’ll upload them to my Picasa Web Albums shortly. I’m a bit behind with uploading photos over the past few months!


Vale Michael Jackson

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Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

The Caged Bird

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Huzzah! Just desserts for Bird and his appalling behaviour against his bird and his one time mate. And about time too.

Dumb git. White trash.

Greg Bird, the bad boy footballer, was today sentenced to 8 months’ jail time for seriously injuring his girlfriend Katie Milligan in August 2008. Bird reacted to an argument with Milligan by smashing a glass into her face, causing severe damage and permanent scarring to her eye.

For a quick recap of what I think of these two, please refer to my previous blog.

Throughout much of the past year, Milligan steadfastly stood by Bird, vowing to reconnect with him when the AVO lapsed and they were legally allowed to contact each other again. Reconnect they did, and after Bird’s player contract was revoked, he linked up with a club in France where the pair resided together until today.

All along, Milligan defended Bird, telling anyone who cared to listen that Bird is a gentle and loving man who would never intentionally hurt her. The scar above her left eye tells a different story. Anyone who picks up a glass and smashes it against another person’s face has every intention of hurting his/her victim. And no, I will never accept the excuses of "But I wasn’t thinking straight at the time" or "I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing".

Oh, and to try and pin the blame on his mate who wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the crime is about lowest of low acts. Who would want to be Bird’s friend when Bird has proven he is callous and selfish in a failed attempt to save his own butt?

These two so deserve each other. A man who has a well documented history of being repeatedly violent towards women when drunk, and a woman who stands by her man even after he has permanently disfigured her face with a glass. It’s bad enough that he has this violent streak which has been on display time and time again, on and off the field, but for his victim to publicly support his atrocious and despicable behaviour just boggles my mind.

This bimbo could have been a great example to women everywhere by walking away from her thug boyfriend after he put her in hospital. But instead, she chose to stick with Bird over these past 10 months, and even went so far as to write him a character reference as part of his legal strategy to stay out of jail. That makes her a gutless vacuous idiot in my eyes.

I’d been following the progress of Bird’s court case with detached interest. Today, I celebrated a little with a happy dance when I read that he will spend time in jail for his actions.

I sincerely hope that Bird will learn something from his stint in jail – respect others, own up to his own actions, deal with the consequences of his actions, man up. At 25, he is still a kid in many respects, but really, it’s time to grow up and behave like one. Jail tolerates no fool.

Harriet Alexander | June 22, 2009 – 2:39PM | SMH League HQ

Rugby league star Greg Bird will spend at least eight months in jail for hurting his girlfriend, Katie Milligan, with a broken glass.

Bird was immediately taken into custody at the Downing Local Court. He was visibly shaken and his supporters cried.

Magistrate Roger Clisdell sentenced Bird to a maximum of 16 months in prison and said that he did not believe Bird regretted the reckless wounding.

"In my view there in no contrition … The accused has maintained a position of not guilty throughout the proceedings and maintains that position today. I do not accept that … showing concern for Ms Milligan shows contrition in the light of his protestations of innocence," he said.

Mr Clisdell also fined Bird $5000 on the charge of false accusation.

"It was a despicable act and most un-Australian," he said.

Bird’s lawyer will apply for him to get bail this afternoon pending an appeal on the sentence.

Catalans, the Super League club, has previously said that they will stand by their captain and want him to extend his contract with the French club beyond this season.

Earlier, Bird’s girlfriend has written him a character reference to persuade a court to give him a lenient sentence for recklessly wounding her in an incident at his Cronulla apartment last August.

But his friend Brent Watson, who the former Sharks player originally told police was responsible for the cuts to Katie Milligan’s face and eye, has described him as "selfish", the court heard today.

He has been found guilty of hurting Ms Milligan with a broken glass at his Cronulla apartment in August last year.

They had been arguing after she returned late from a night out.

The prosecution called for him to serve time in jail.

But Bird’s lawyer, Les Nicholls, told the court that he had not hurt Ms Milligan intentionally and had not caused her lasting damage or disfigurement.

The pair now live together in France.

"I would ask your honour to accept the reference from the victim that at no time has Greg Bird ever intended … to hurt her and it was out of character," Mr Nicholls said.

A good behaviour bond or community service order would be more appropriate, he said.

But the police prosecutor, Peter Stanhope, said Bird had not shown any concern for Mr Watson, whose reputation he was prepared to damage in an attempt to avoid police charges and the media attention they would bring.

Mr Watson had described Bird as "a selfish person whose only concern was his football career and the Sharks", Mr Stanhope said.

Mr Nicholls said Bird had been precluded from contacting Mr Watson since the incident, but he wished to apologise to him through the court.

"It was never his intention that any detriment be suffered by Mr Watson,” Mr Nicholls said.

"He has not been in a position to offer his personal apology. He’s asked me to do so today and to ask your Honour to take that into consideration for this offence."

Bird was found guilty of reckless wounding and false accusation in April by the same magistrate, who said he had lied about how his girlfriend had turned up at hospital bleeding from her eye.

He pleaded guilty to public mischief.

Click here to see the whole sorry saga about the low life and his bimbo.

I ♥ KFC!

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I love my KFC. I really do. It really was love at first bite.

I remember the crispy skin, the tangy spices, the succulent meat, and the oily juices running down my chin and arms as I held the hot piece of chicken in my hands. So artery-clogging, but so good!

However, my body doesn’t love KFC as much as my tastebuds do. I can only eat KFC sparingly, and only once in a while. If I have it too frequently, I tend to get bad stomach aches. Worse yet, I become physically ill. Let’s not go there on what too much KFC can do to my system.

And now, KFC has given me hope that if I wish to indulge, I may be able to eat it more frequently. By changing the oil in which the chicken is fried (to make it slightly healthier) and by introducing a new "grilled" menu, there’s now hope that my body will not object to KFC slightly more frequently!

Kelly Burke
June 16, 2009 (SMH Online)

Yum! Restaurants, makers of KFC, will ditch palm oil for a healthier alternative, two years after the company stared down the Federal Government and refused to change its ways.

The change coincides with the announcement today that a range of grilled chicken fillet options will be added to the Australian menu, following a successful launch in the US early last year of a grilled on-the-bone variation.

Production of the oil has also been responsible for the illegal clearing of thousands of hectares of rainforest in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, but a KFC spokeswoman told the Herald the company used only oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

In 2006, McDonald’s adopted a canola-sunflower blend, also low in trans fats but with only 12 per cent saturated fat content.

The following March, Yum! told the Herald it had been using palm oil "for many years" and had no intention of converting to a healthier cooking oil, despite a directive by the then assistant health minister, Christopher Pyne, that the fast food industry draw up plans to phase out ingredients such as palm oil and report back in six months.

Yesterday, Yum!’s managing director, Albert Baladi said any delay in changing to a healthier oil was due to difficulty in overcoming a number of problems.

"The most important thing we had to do was ensure continuous supply [of an alternative oil], then that the oil delivered the same taste our customers expected. These are not things you can turn on or off with a switch," he said.

Along with the switch to a canola-sunflower blend for cooking, KFC has now also made a commitment to reduce the salt content in its food across the board by 10 per cent.

The company will reportedly spend $35 million introducing the menu changes, including a $10 million campaign to market the new grilled chicken products.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video

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From the ridiculous screaming banshee to the sublimely hilarious!

Content removed by YouTube.

I watched this at work yesterday. I nearly burst a blood vessel trying so hard to suppress my laughter during the entire video. Too funny!

Updated on 25/08/2009 @ 1.45pm

Unfortunately, the video in question is no longer available on YouTube due to a copyright claim by EMI Music Publishing Limited. As such, it has been permanently removed.

In any case, this really was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. If you can, get your hands on the original music video for this song, and do your very own literal interpretation of the video. Ignore the lyrics – believe me, they have nothing to do with the actions!

The Screaming Banshee

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Yes, this is YOU.

This is exactly what I see when you yell and scream at your parents, your husband, your children, your family members; be it in public or in private.

You bare your teeth without a thought for innocent bystanders. You scream like a banshee and shatter whatever tranquillity they had prior to your outburst. And because you think you’re always right, you feel you have the right to do what you do.

Well, you don’t, and I’m sick of being embarrassed and harassed by you.

I’m sick of walking on eggshells around you. I don’t owe you. I don’t have to live by your rules. Grow up and respect others. No one will respect you until you do.

I don’t respect you – I lost respect for you a long time ago, but I’ve tolerated you because I have to. I will continue to have no respect for you until you take a good hard look at yourself and realise how hurtful you are.

But you won’t. You’ll continue to be disrespectful and think the world owes you. You will continue to act like the spoilt brat that you are. You’ll always be immature and lowly in my books.

By all means, go ahead and hold a grudge. Bitch all you want about something I’ve apologised for over and over again that happened nearly 6 months ago. It won’t change anything, but if it makes you feel better, go ahead and hold on to that anger that will eventually swallow you into the black hole of misery that surrounds you wherever you go.

And anyway, you’re missing the point. Again. You continue to miss the point, because you think you’re always right.

I now choose to exclude you from my life because I’m not going to sweat the small stuff – and YOU are a petty insignificant gnat. Your loss.

Pending Trip to the Dentist

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It’s been a while since I’ve been to the dentist and after seeing this YouTube clip, I’m going to make sure J accompanies me, if for nothing else than to take me home afterwards!