New York, New York!

Mood: SqueeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Guess where I’m going in November???

Ok, so it’s not confirmed, but I certainly hope to be in New York in November this year.

There are a couple of reasons for going, the first of which being my friend Belinda marrying her lovely beau Pete. Be and Pete met on a Contiki tour a little while back, and their romance has been the stuff of fairy tales. Be made the decision to move to New York to be with Pete, and on her first trip there before the permanent move, after months of separation, Pete proposed to her at the airport car park. Be, of course, said yes. The wedding is planned for November, leaving Be with very little time to get everything sorted!

The second reason, and the bigger of the two in my opinion (sorry Be!), is that J and I both harbour a huge desire to see New York. We have both always wanted to go there, in winter, and as we have been invited to the wedding, November is close enough to winter to complete the perfect picture.

In order to get to New York and be able to afford to stay there for around 10 days, we must save like mad now, and sacrifice a few items along the way. J is going to resist buying new books and computer games, and I am going to forego new books and new shoes. There are also other luxuries that we will also limit, like dining out, buying lunch, and treatments such as massages and pedicures. I don’t know how I’m going to cope, but if it gets me to New York in November, then I’m all in!


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