Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell???

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And they say Chinese women can’t drive!

Article from: The Daily Telegraph
January 27, 2009 09:40am

A MOTORIST missed a bend in the road, broke through a barrier and hurtled up a bank, crash-landing on a church.

The bank acted like a springboard, propelling the black Skoda about 35 metres forward and straight into the church’s roof frame, where it remained wedged 7 metres off the ground.

"We’ve never ever had a case of a car landing in a church before," said Frank Fischer, a spokesman for Chemnitz police in the German state of Saxony.

The 23-year-old driver suffered serious injuries. The damage to the car, which was extracted from the roof by a crane, amounts to about 10,000 euros police said. The cost of damage to the church has not yet been estimated.

Police said speed was a possible cause for the accident, which happened late on Sunday.

More photos below.


One response to “Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell???

  1. an "Act of God" perhaps?

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