SHHH! We’re Hunting Jobs!

Mood: Job Hunting

Today is Day 4 of my search for a new job. And I’m over it already.

Back in early December last year, I was made redundant from a company into which I had poured the last 4 years of my life. The redundancy was a bit of shock, but truth be told I was getting itchy feet anyway. I had served my time and it really was time to move on.

The only thing that stood between me resigning from the company and getting a new job prior to December was my complacency. I was happy enough with the company and was fairly content with my job, which had long ago stopped being challenging for me. The division in which I belonged had stopped winning projects, and with work drying up faster than a drop of water on a hot footpath, the decision was made to downsize their operations.

The parting was to be amicable – I was assured and reassured that I had done nothing wrong and the redundancy was in no way reflective of my hard work over the years. Very simply, the company was struggling, and the senior execs made the decision to cut staff.

I was given an acceptable redundancy package, although it is interesting to note from some who have heard about my plight that more have been paid to ex-staff leaving on bad terms. Never mind. It was blessing in disguise – I was able to have a breather and focus on my surgery, and this really was what I needed in order to get myself further in my career.

In any case, the company cut over 30 staff from their 200 total during the month of December, with cuts impacting all divisions and offices across the board. And this was supposedly the first round of redundancies.

Initially, I was worried about finding another job. After all, it had been over 4 years since my last job interview, and my CV looked like a school child had cut-and-pasted the whole thing together. But my concerns were allayed within the first week of my unexpected unemployment, when I was contacted by an old client telling me he had the perfect job for me and he was only interested in me.

We met up for a coffee and a chat, and he all but gave me the job right on the spot. It was perfect. All that was needed was his boss’s signature on the dotted line and I’d start in late January.

Unfortunately, his new boss had other ideas. The new guy had only been in the job a fortnight by this point and was still getting his head around the corporate structure as well as his new portfolio of work. So negotiations came to a grinding halt for the time being.

My old client told me that things may change in late January, given that hopefully by then, the new guy will have had enough time to understand everything. I told him I’d contact them again in late January / early February to see how things are travelling. I’m not holding my breath.

So, on Monday this week, I started looking for a job in earnest. There is so much work out there!!! After hours of viewing, I’ve come to the conclusion that my skills are half way between the really great jobs and the fairly junior jobs, but that hasn’t stopped me from applying for quite a few jobs already. My CV is looking a lot better than it did – I’ve been editing along the way to include more things, things that I had forgotten to include in the past. Fingers crossed something comes off soon – this whole exercise is exhausting!


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