Happy 2009!

Mood: Cheerful

Happy New Year!

To celebrate the new year, J and I had a few friends over at my place for a small NYE party. Suz, Matt, Daniel and Fi came by for plenty of food, drinks and fun on J’s X-Box. The evening was a very easy one – we sat around and chatted and played games on the X-Box. The drinks flowed easily and the company was sparkling, and overall, the evening was thoroughly enjoyable.

We somehow managed to miss all the fireworks this year – both sessions. The 9pm session came and went very quickly while the gang was busy playing something on the X-Box and I was in the kitchen getting more food ready. By the time someone decided to pause the games, the fireworks were over.

The midnight session was a different story. We switched over to live TV at 11.45pm, but stupid Ten HD "Live" – not so live was it??? At midnight when we could hear the fireworks, Ten HD was still advertising "15 minutes to go". The remote was commandeered by others, so by the time the channel surfing stopped, we had missed most of the fireworks.

Really not happy about missing the fireworks – I love fireworks and was really looking forward to watching them on the new big TV – but I suppose there’s always Australia Day and next NYE. In the meantime, here are some spectacular shots taken by other people.


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