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Merry Christmas!

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Not Happy, Windows Live!!!

Mood: Miffed

I hate what Windows Live have done with our Spaces.

Without consultation, they made what they thought were some improvements. Admittedly, some are fairly minor, but what they’ve done with the Photos is inexcusable.

When people want to view my photo albums, they are taken away from my blog to a new place. Once there, if they want to come back to the blog, it is a very confusing and arduous task to get back to my blog.

Not only that, but I have now lost control of the sequencing order of my photos in my albums. I’m afraid to upload anything new, as I can’t edit my existing albums and I just don’t trust what will happen when I upload new photos. I upload the photos in the order I do for specific reasons, not for Windows Live to reorder them and then block me from rearranging them.

Please, if Windows Live people are reading this, please give me the option of going back to the old way, because some of your new improvements suck!!!