Lightning Strikes

Mood: Wow!!!

I love storms. There is something spectacular and majestic about storms. I love he crash and the bang of the thunder, the sound of the heavy pouring rain hitting surfaces, the very distinctive scent of petrichor, and most of all, the wondrous cracks of lightning that snake across the skies and light up even the darkest nights.

I’ll be the first to admit that I do get scared by these natural menaces. When we lived in a house many years ago, I would lie awake all night during storms, in hope that our roof would not be blown away by the lashing wind and rain of storms. Thunder scare me more – sometimes, it sounds so close it almost feels like Sir Thunder is standing right behind me.

I have often tried to capture the bursts of lightning crackling through the skies, splitting the tranquillity for milliseconds at a time, but have never been successful. So, instead, here are some photos taken by others for your viewing pleasure.


3 responses to “Lightning Strikes

  1. Any idea where that second one was taken? Becuase it looks like it is taken from the road in front of my parents house!

  2. Sorry lovely, the caption just said "near Gosford".

  3. Well that fits, they are "near Gosford" 😀

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