A New Way to Pay Bills

Mood: Laughing Out Loud

Let it be known that my mistaken identity saga is still continuing.

Last week, I received a text message on my mobile phone requesting that I pay my outstanding bill for my Origin Energy account. I have never held an account with Origin Energy, so I was a little shocked to receive the text message.

Included in the text message was a phone number to call should I wish to make arrangements for payment. In a bit of a huff, I dialled the number and proceeded to chew out any and all operators I would speak with. And two poor people working for Origin Energy copped the brunt of my spray.

Very simply, I wanted to let them know that my phone number does not belong to the culprit who was not paying their bills. I have heard horror stories of how one’s credit history and rating can be very adversely affected simply by being associated with an overdue bill, and even though the phone and the number belong to the company I work for, I’m sure somehow, somewhere, my name is listed as an owner of the account. In which case, this number is linked to me and that means that the stupid person who has skipped out on their bills is ultimately affecting my credit rating.

And here’s the weird thing – both of the people from Origin Energy told me that my number was NOT listed as a contact number for ANYONE on their database. Neither of them could find the number I quoted ANYWHERE on their system. Which makes me wonder – how could they possibly be chasing me, continuously, to pay the outstanding bills???

I mean, fair enough, if it was one-off kind of thing – one person mistakenly dialling a wrong digit and thus me receiving the phone call. But repeatedly? There’s a glitch somewhere and I don’t like it!

The people on the phone were polite enough to take my details with a promise to get back to me after they had sorted out the issue at their end. I’m still waiting for that return phone call. Then again, if they are not chasing me any more, I’m ok with that too.

The next time I get a phone call or a reminder message to pay bills that do not belong to me, I think I’ll be instigating a little bit of innovation myself, David Thorne style.


3 responses to “A New Way to Pay Bills

  1. I am impressed with Jane Giles\’ calm through all that spider fun 😀

  2. Hahahaha – me too!  I would have paid good money to be a fly on her wall when Jane got the email from David asking for the spider back the first time – can you imagine the look on her face, the conversations that took place between her and her colleagues, and other exclamations?!  Too funny!

  3. Just makes me think of some of my clients!

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