My Dodgy Hip

Mood: A Little Bit Scared

A little set back was almost confirmed today. Instead of joining my girlfriends on a long awaited holiday to Thailand, I will most likely be spending the rest of my holiday fund on a little bit of hip surgery.

I’ve been suffering quite a bit of pain in my right hip for weeks. The pain started getting really bad about a fortnight ago, enough to send me to physio for some relief. Right from the start, Shreya diagnosed an injury inside the hip joint. In order to be completely sure, she made an appointment for me to see a sports medicine doctor who would be better at diagnosing the problem.

Up to now, the pain in my hip would go away after a little while, and only hurt just before the skies open and rain falls. The injury was first sustained in 2002 in a soccer match – at the time, I was told I had hurt my Iliotibial (IT) Band and after a number of physio sessions, I was sent on my way. The most recent pains were different – not only was it more acute, but now when I walked, it felt like something inside my hip was catching. Yay. I’ve looked so special walking around on crutches in the past fortnight.

In the meantime, while I waited to see the sports med guy, I returned to Shreya twice a week to treat the injury. Shreya is a top chick – I really like talking to her. But at $60 a pop after refunds from my private health insurance, our chats are becoming very costly.

I saw Dr Tom Cross this morning. He’s one of the best groin guys in the business and the son of Dr Mervyn Cross OAM, the best knee guy who looked after Mum when she had her double knee replacements. Lovely man – he was very thorough. He sent me off for X-Rays and an MRI – the X-Rays were done on the spot, but the MRI appointment won’t take place for another fortnight.

After looking at the X-Rays, Dr Cross said he was almost certain that I have suffered a labral tear. He will need the results from the MRI to confirm his findings, at which time we would also discuss treatment, one of which is surgery.

Dr Cross didn’t say I will need the surgery. But he also didn’t rule out surgery completely. In fact, when we were talking about the next steps after getting the MRI report, Dr Cross spent more time talking about surgery than the other course of action.

I dropped in on Shreya afterwards, and she nodded knowingly when I told her Dr Cross’s initial assessment.

When I got home after all the appointments this morning (and nearly $400 poorer for my troubles), I sat down and wondered who to call first with the great news – do I start with those closest to me, or should I let work know first? In the end, J got the first call and hence all the tears.

I’m quite disappointed that I’ve had to spend my holiday fund again to fix up things. In July this year, I had to spend some of that fund on fixing my leaking apartment. Now I will be spend the rest of it fixing up my hip.

I know it’s something that needs to be done, but I can’t help but be bitter about having to sacrifice a much needed holiday, even if it is to fix up my dodgy hip and improve the quality of my life. Here’s hoping there’s enough left over to buy some new shoes, as I will not be allowed in a pair of high heels for a while and I have NO flat shoes!!!

By the end of the month, I will know one way or another how big the surgery will be, and hopefully, how soon the surgery can be done. I’ll check back in on this issue when I have more news.


4 responses to “My Dodgy Hip

  1. Oh sweetie, HUGS! If it is any concelation, i have taught a couple of dance kids with Labral Tears, and none of them actually ended up having surgery, and all continued dancing after recovery.

  2. Thanks honey.  Given a choice, I’ll go with the surgery at this stage to pare back the damage – I’m in constant pain and something in the joint “catches” when I walk.  I’d love for that to go away – and surgery is the only way to make it go away.  Likely to be arthroscopic surgery, so thankfully, recovery should be a shorter period of time. Just really not happy that I’m spending my entire holiday fund on fixing my hip though.  And it also means that I can’t go too crazy during the festive season – perhaps I could get a wheelchair and have someone sober push me around all the time while I get pissed?! 😉

  3. You could ride around in a shopping trolley! 😀

  4. No, no shopping trolleys for me – OH&S issue, apparently?! 😉 I’ve worked out that there are a number of boys who owe me favours by the time the work Christmas party rolls around – methinks I’ll be able to stay in the one spot and snap my fingers for service all day long and never be short of a drink!

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