Cold & Frosty October Days

Mood: So Cold!

What is going on with the weather in Sydney?

After a brief glimpse of beautiful warm weather over the past couple of weeks, Sydney has frozen over in the last couple of days with an unexpected cold snap.

We started October with a couple of scorchers (for October) – that first week scored a record high of nearly 35°C before the temperate evened out to the high teens / low twenties. It had been mostly sunny too – a real treat for everyone as we head into summer.

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous – a top of nearly 27°C on Sunday with brilliant sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Saturday was just as nice – a little milder but gorgeous beach weather. But all the glorious weather came to a grinding halt yesterday.

Monday was decidedly cooler – although the temperature was in the low 20s, the air felt like it was at least 10°C cooler. The temperature kept dropping on Tuesday. Yesterday morning, we woke to a time warp and wondered where summer went – the morning air felt icy and there was a good reason why – single digit, and all day, the temperature struggled to get to the mid-teens. So cold was yesterday that Sydney recorded snow in the outer suburb of Katoomba. Yes, snow in October.

Last night was freezing. I wore my fleecy jumper to bed. I almost piled on 2 extra blankets in the end too and had to sleep with the doors closed. It got down to 7°C overnight.

It hasn’t been that much better today. We have been struggling to get to 15°C all day, but thankfully without yesterday’s biting wind. On the downside, there has been more rain.

Getting home tonight is going to be fun – not!

Bring back the warm weather!!! Fingers crossed Sunday will be a lovely day – I would hate to work at an outdoor event if it’s pelting down!


One response to “Cold & Frosty October Days

  1. It was freaking freezing last night! I am so taking two hot water bottles to bed tonight!

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