A Full Dance Card!

Mood: Busy Busy Busy

It’s that time of the year, when everything starts piling up and my body is screaming for a break.

The next 10 or so days will be busy for a number of reasons. Having just completed a busy weekend – dinner with Suz and Matt to celebrate their engagement on Friday night (too many drinks!), Emily’s birthday party on Saturday night (fun night with good food and great mates) and a full day with J and Miss M yesterday, I am in dire need of a couple of days in bed already!

(As an aside, I had a lovely day with J and Miss M yesterday. For the second time in as many weeks, I spent a full day with Miss M, who was very cuddly throughout the day. As with every time I spend time with them, I became Miss M’s favourite for most of the day. She insisted on having me push her stroller, sitting in my lap through the movies, sharing noodles with me for lunch, and generally playing with me a bit more than Daddy. Poor Daddy – not only had J been sick for a few days – nasal passages so congested at night that he had not able to sleep for more than 2 hours a night since Thursday night – but Miss M was also acting up over the entire weekend. I knew he was exhausted, so anything I could do to help, like carrying Miss M and force feeding Miss M lunch was welcomed by J.)

It was hard getting out of bed this morning – even though J and I had elected to turn off the TV at 9.30pm last night and promptly fell asleep (and J finally slept too after getting some drugs that cleared his nasal passages). The morning was a disaster – we should have stayed in bed in the end – most of the lower north shore was blacked out after a huge power failure at around 1am, rendering all appliances in the apartment useless and half of the lifts in the building inoperative. The power failure was announced to all the residents in my building via the intercom at 6.15am. To make matters worse, the water pumps rely on electricity to pump water into the apartments, which meant there was initially no cold water to mix with the hot water in the shower, and then no water at all. Thankfully, both of us had had showers the night before, so we were relatively clean. There was just enough water for J to have a 30 second shower. I was left to have a sponge bath.

Thankfully, I wasn’t at work today – as it turned out, the power failure shorted out the servers and no one was able to retrieve emails or any work from the file servers until around 4pm today. A whole day wasted – I’m glad I had a more productive day.

I am currently on a five-day Business Analysis course. The first day was pretty action packed – there is so much information, and surprisingly, I understand most of it! I actually know more than I thought I did. It’s nice to formalise what I’ve learnt on my projects.

Tonight, I had dinner with my folks for the first time in two weeks, and saw Georgianna and Tim and their boys for the first time in about a month. Aunty Golly has missed her boys, and I made sure I got lots of cuddles and kisses tonight. Tommy was so pleased to see me – big smiles and cuddles and kisses. And Lucas even had a little nap in my arms – so cute!

Tomorrow night, J and I are resuming our movie viewing on date night. It’s been a while since we’ve been the flicks by ourselves – the last movie J saw was Wall-E – which he saw twice, both times with Miss M (the second time being yesterday, to which I tagged along). There are a few choices tomorrow night, so stay tuned for more movie reviews. (Note to self: the review for The Bank Job is long overdue!)

My good friend Adrian arrives on Wednesday for a flying visit on his brief holiday from London. Adrian will be staying with me for a couple of nights, and I’m looking forward to catching up with him over those days.

Because Adrian is in Sydney, a get-together is planned on Thursday night with a few friends. Coincidentally, another good mate Niel is in Sydney (from Singapore) as well on Thursday, so it will be awesome to see everyone in the one place for a few drinks and some good chats.

Adrian leaves on the Friday, but the fun will continue for me and J. Although we are pretty sure there are no plans to go out and meet up with people on Friday night at this stage, I’m sure something will pop up a bit later in the week. Miss M is staying overnight again on Saturday, so while J will be busy, I am hoping to catch up on some of the many (many) hours of TV programs carefully recorded.

Sunday at this stage will involve a trip to Darling Harbour to see the Darling Harbour Fiesta with J and Miss M and possibly JX and JX’s boyfriend P, with a possibility of being joined by P’s daughter C – how very Brady Bunch of us!!!

Monday is Labour Day in NSW, which means a public holiday for the hard workers like J and me. We are planning to head to Manly to have a look at the Manly Jazz Festival. Or head up the coast to Terrigal for a picnic. The weather will play a big part in what we end up doing.

Weeks ago, we had planned ahead for the long weekend with a view to taking a short break away from Sydney, so we had both locked in a day off for the Tuesday. At this stage, I’d like nothing better than to spend the day in bed with J, sleeping, reading, chilling out, and I have a feeling J would be more than happy to go with those plans.

I hope I survive the next few days!!!


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