My Name Is NOT Ngoc Ma!!!

Mood: Annoyed

For the past few months, I have been receiving phone calls on my work mobile for Mrs Ngoc Ma from various service providers, all seeking payment of outstanding invoices. I’ve had calls from electricity companies, and phone companies, and a few other people all calling from Accounts Departments. Today was the last straw.

Today, I received a second phone call from Telstra Bigpond in the space of 2 working days, from some knob wanting to speak to Mrs Ngoc Ma. I would have shrugged this nitwit off for doing his job, if only he would pay attention to what he was doing.

Luckily for him, both times he called, he ended up going through to my voicemail. Unfortunately for him, when he does call back again in the near future, I am going to give him a massive spray for leaving terse messages for a Mrs Ngoc Ma on the voicemail clearly belonging to me. Yes, I even double and triple checked to make sure that my voicemail message greeting states “you have contacted Gloria C”.

Goes to show that not only do all Asians look alike, their names all sound alike too. Eejits.

As for this twat of a lady, thanks for giving your service providers my mobile number as your point of contact. Skipping out on your bills is not cool, especially when I have to deal with all your debt collectors.

If anyone is looking for Ngoc Ma, and ends up calling me, expect to cop a spray. And if you want to leave Ngoc Ma a message on my voicemail, expect me to be anything but nice when you finally get through to me.



One response to “My Name Is NOT Ngoc Ma!!!

  1. I once got a paniced phone call from my grandma, cause i had to call some Detective at NSW Police headquaters. Why the cops called my parents house and not me, when i had been living out of home for 6 years, was employed, paying my own rent etc etc.
    So i ring the guy and he asks me if i have recently bought a mobile phone, "well yes" i reply "at the Telstra store in Woden Plaze not 2 weeks ago"… "Oh" he replys "we can cross that one off the list" o.O Needless to say i asked for an explaination.
    Some woman had spent the past 2 weeks buying prepaid mobile phones up and down the eastern seaboard using fake liscenes – with MY LIECENCE NUMBER on it!
    I also pointed out that he really could have told my grandma some of this so that she wasnt so completely freaked out!

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