Tribute to Kurt Fearnley

Mood: Ecstatic

Congratulations, Kurt Fearnley!

You are an inspiration to one and all. Your efforts at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games are nothing short of amazing and sensational – and the best part of all is you have a full set of medals from these games! Gold for the marathon (the one you really wanted to win, as you were defending your Athens title), 2 silvers and a bronze. Truly awesome effort.

You are the epitome of sportsmanship. If only everyone can take a leaf out of your book, then there would be no need for sports tribunals and bad press. It seems nothing can keep that cheeky smile off your face for long. You carry yourself with so much grace and humility and I hope I will continue to learn from you for many years to come.

I remember the first time I met you at NSWIS – you were a little shy back then, but you were still cheeky and always with a ready smile. I always looked forward to bumping into you, because your smile always lit up a room and my day. Years after I left NSWIS, we would keep bumping into each other – at uni games, at sports awards dinners, and then, last year at the Day of Difference Foundation Acceptance Day Walk. And it is always a pleasure to see that smiling face of yours.

You are my hero, Kurt. Congrats on your achievements, and hope to see you again soon – the beers are on me!


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