Good News Week!

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It has been a week of good news, much joy and happiness!

Some good news was finally heading to Thomas, aka my Billy Bob. Congratulations for the awesome win against his old football club!

Thomas has been fighting what felt like a losing battle against his old football club for outstanding player payments as stipulated in his professional football contract. Poor Thomas – he just wanted to play a bit of football at an elite level, and just after signing with this particular club (which will from this point forward be known as ThugsFC), Thomas injured himself playing a trial game for ThugsFC. Even though ThugsFC originally agreed to continue paying Thomas in accordance to the contract, they soon reneged on the deal, stopped paying Thomas, and had Thomas living on the poverty line with no income.

The battle took centre stage a fortnight ago in front of the Football NSW Grievance Tribunal. ThugsFC attended en masse, while I was the lonely only acting as Thomas’s representative. Very scary experience, and one I never wish to go through again.

On the night, ThugsFC claimed they were never kept informed of Thomas’s injury, surgery, and recovery. They claimed he never supplied them with a medical certificate. They claimed he acted violently towards ThugsFC executives. Lies. All lies.

What really happened:

* Thomas gave ThugsFC letter after letter after letter from his surgeons and specialists and physios to show what procedures were performed on his injury, and how Thomas was tracking in his recovery. Time and time again, Thomas presented documentation from his medical contacts, and then copies of the same letters, and more copies of the same letters, but ThugsFC kept refusing to pay Thomas. ThugFC executive, The Fly kept saying that he never personally received anything stating “medical certificate”, nor did he receive any of the letters. It was almost too funny when the chair of the tribunal almost swatted him with the “copious evidence as to his injury and treatment”!

* Thomas might not have given all the medical letters to The Fly, but he did give some of them to The Fly, and copies of those letters to ThugsFC president. On top of this, Thomas kept his coach fully informed of his progress, speaking to his coach on a regular basis. The Fly kept saying he didn’t personally receive the documentation, therefore ThugsFC didn’t receive notification, and the chair of the tribunal almost choked before asking The Fly if ThugsFC president and the coach would be classified as authorised representatives of ThugsFC. Almost begrudgingly, The Fly finally conceded that Thomas had in fact kept everyone informed.

* As for Thomas behaving violently towards The Fly and ThugsFC executives, this claim was almost laughed out of the room by the chair and the tribunal panel member. The theatrical re-enactment presented by The Fly regarding the alleged violent behaviour was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

How can I be so certain of the “real” events? Thomas documented everything, and with his documentation, I helped him write the letter to Football NSW which was used as evidence in the tribunal hearing.

The chair of the tribunal determined that ThugsFC was in the wrong. In her words, to not pay Thomas what he was due was “entirely inappropriate conduct on the part of the club”. ThugsFC has until this Friday to pay Thomas, or pay me as Thomas’s authorised representative. It’s Tuesday now and they still haven’t made contact with me nor Thomas, so it will be interesting to see what pans out by the end of this week.

In any case, Thomas can rest easy now with this win in his pocket. And I’m glad this thing is almost over. Woo hoo!

And also some good feedback about my work.

I was charged with the enormous task of pulling together information for a major award application. At first, it seemed like an easy enough task – I had the full support of a number of the company’s senior executives and managers acting as my champions, as well as the unparalleled support from the admin team acting as my little helpers to complete the task. Getting the information together was not going to be a small job, but one I was confident of being able to complete without too much of a headache.


As it turned out, a few of the senior people were not given a proper briefing on what I was doing, and consequently, the exercise grew from a manageable one to an angry fire-breathing dragon with a splinter in his foot and an appetite to entire swallow villages in a single gulp.

Let’s just say I copped a fair bit of flack from a whole host of people whose noses were a little bit put out of joint.

Thankfully, those who championed the task all recognised their own parts in the boots being stuck into me, and apologised for the body blows. They have all commended me on my hard work as well, which has taken the edge off the sting a bit.

I hope the good news just keep on coming!


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  1. It\’s good news week, lalalallalalalalallallalla (ok, so you have to pretend i am singing it for it to work)

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