The Loveliest Weekend

Mood: Very Content

I’ve had the loveliest weekend with the loveliest man.

In reality, every precious moment I spend with my lovely man is always lovely. So when I whinge and complain about J, it’s because I’ve overanalysed some minute detail that really wasn’t worth analysing at all. I really should stop overanalysing everything that happens between me and J and learn to go with the flow.

Things did not start well on Friday. When J told me that he was spending only Saturday day with M, I got a bit excited and started planning in my head what J and I would be doing for the rest of the weekend, including attending a birthday party on Friday night, dinner on Saturday night and then activities all throughout Sunday. All without consultation with J, who had other ideas.

You see, J the Geek bought a shiny new toy last week – a brand spanking new computer. Well, ok, he bought all the bits to build a brand spanking new computer – because he knows what he’s doing and it’s cheaper to buy the bits and put it all together himself.

The toy was ready to be picked up on Thursday afternoon, and J really wanted to get the toy up and running as soon as possible. The non-geek me was to find out first hand that geeks would be more excited by a shiny new toy than a real live person.

When J and I were talking about how the weekend would pan out, it soon became clear that he really really really wanted to spend a good portion of the weekend putting his shiny new toy together. My plans for us encompassing Friday night, Saturday night and all day Sunday were drastically reduced to Friday night and Sunday night. Non-geek me was at a loss to understand why he couldn’t wait until this week to set up his computer, and got a bit miffed about our time together being cut short.

Around this time, I had launched a Sydney-wide search for tickets to the Swans game on Saturday night. My company is project managing the construction work at the SCG and we are granted Members Tickets on the weekends. The Swans tickets are the most rare of them all, and as I thought I had J on Saturday night, and as he’d never been to a live AFL game, I thought it would be fun to take him to a game, so he can see that AFL wasn’t just a “kick it to me” game.

In a huff, I told J that I’d cancel the Swans tickets, without informing him that I had a tentative plan to take him to the game. Poor J – he was a bit stunned as he didn’t realise we had made plans on a Saturday night. J then changed tack and said that we should go to the party on Friday night and then spend Saturday night together and he would go home on Sunday afternoon to play with his toy. I still didn’t like this idea, but knowing that I need to compromise, I told him I’d see him on Sunday afternoon, thereby giving him a free pass to meet his commitments to M and play with his toy until then.

J must have realised I was a bit upset, as he came up with brand new plans about an hour later. He suggested that we do something nice together on Saturday night, just the two of us, maybe a nice romantic dinner in a nice restaurant. I wasn’t going to make things easy for him as I was still a bit miffed, so I let him come up with ideas as to where we could have dinner. My poor darling man was struggling to come up with venues, and as he had made such a huge effort (even though he really did nothing to upset me to start with!), I helped to steer him towards Kyushu, my favourite Japanese restaurant in Neutral Bay.

So, all dramas aside, the weekend was really lovely. I had a great time at Eline’s birthday party on Friday night – it was to be a short stay though as I pulled the pin around 9.45pm. Even though it had been an early night, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like a truck had run me over and impaled a hole in my chest through which I was breathing. And no, it wasn’t a massive enough night for me to feel so awful. So instead of going out, I stayed in the apartment and caught up on some quality TV, recorded throughout last week for my viewing pleasure.

As an aside, I had taped last week’s episode of All Saints, which was rumoured to be Mark Priestley’s final ever All Saints appearance as there were no more further episodes filmed with his involvement before his tragic death last week. I watched the brilliant young actor on screen and bawled the whole way through.

Saturday afternoon came around faster than I expected. I was actually enjoying a nanna nap when J rang the doorbell. J was really going out of his way to apologise for, in his words, “screwing up the plans for the weekend” (all because he wanted to play with his shiny new toy) – he was wearing one of his best shirts for our night out and looking very fine. We got to Neutral Bay with some time to spare, so we had a beer at the Oaks before heading down to the restaurant.

The food at Kyushu was sensational, as per every other time I’ve ever been to this wonderful place. J was amazed by how full the restaurant was when we first arrived, and how it stayed full throughout our stay. We were both a bit hungry upon arrival at the restaurant, so when our entrées arrived, we attacked the pork maki and the super fresh sashimi with gusto.

Before long, our teriyaki fish and our spicy yakiniku also made their way to our table, and these were also consumed with relish. Our lovely bottle of merlot went down a treat and we were both full as gooks when we left the restaurant.

And it only took 7 and a half months for us to have our first proper romantic dinner for two!

Sunday morning dawned dull and drizzling, so we made our way to our favourite breakfast café by car. A nice lazy breakfast ensued and it was decided that the day would include a shopping trip to Chatswood. J spent up big on Sunday – he bought the complete collection of Smurfs and a few PC games for both him and M, and picked up a few odds and ends from Priceline. Emily and Penny invited us to go to Ikea and DFO for some bargain hunting and we readily accepted – Emily needed shoe cabinets from Ikea to house some of her 90+ pairs of shoes and J needed some long sleeve tops.

By 4.30pm, we were all shopped out. Hey Big Spender J bought 2 tops, and a new pair of Converse, and a really lovely military-style khaki jacket. On top of the computer, it was a big spending week for J.

We grabbed some gourmet chicken parcels from Lenards and some great fresh veggies from Harris Farm Markets for dinner and made our way home. We also grabbed a couple of punnets of strawberries which we enjoyed with some yummy ice cream.

It really was the loveliest weekend with the loveliest man. I’ve just got to remember that my loveliest man is part geek and will, on the odd occasion, ditch me for a shiny new toy.

I could so do more weekends like this one!


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