From the Mouths of Babes …

Mood: Still Laughing

Sunday, late morning / early afternoon, J, Miss M and G walking from Sydney Entertainment Centre towards Darling Harbour.

Miss M sees the Monorail carriages and track.

Miss M: What’s that?
J: That’s called a Monorail.
Miss M: What does it do?
J: It’s like a train and takes people around.
Miss M: Why is it up there?
J: So it can take people around away from the cars.
Miss M: Where does it take people to?
J: Just around the city. Nowhere in particular.
Miss M: But why did they build it?

Good question, honey. We don’t know either.

And a cute one that made my heart melt.

Miss M: I love you, Gloria (pause) … and Daddy.

Out of the blue. Completely unscripted. She was holding my hand, leading me to the space shuttle exhibit in the PowerHouse Museum.

G: (picking up Miss M despite ridiculous pains shooting around her hip) We love you too, honey.


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