Under The Weather

Mood: A Bit Icky

I’m not feeling the best at the moment, and neither is J.

Both of us are a bit under the weather. J thinks he’s coming down with something, or in fact has already caught a bug which is peaking now. He was completely wrecked on Monday night and it took him ages to fall asleep, even in his own bed. So awful was he feeling that he took Tuesday off work and stayed in bed all day.

I’m actually not surprised that he’s fallen ill. J has been running around like a headless chicken trying to do so many things and he is generally fatigued. The cold change in weather recently has probably aided any kind of bug ravaging his weakened immune system. On top of that, his room does get quite cold at night and his poor excuse for a blanket is nothing more than a thick sheet. When I stayed over on Monday night, I had to bring my flannelette pyjamas and footy socks to wear to bed in an effort to stay warm.

This morning, he was still feeling unwell. He mentioned that he had a temperature and a weird taste in his mouth (sure signs of a bug) and that he went to bed extra early last night, rugged up with layers, only to wake up a few hours later in a lather of sweat.

Meanwhile, I’ve been struck down by a UTI for a worryingly third time in as many months. Whilst I have previously self-treated after the self-diagnosis, three times in three months was a bit much to take.

The symptoms were there all Tuesday morning, if somewhat vaguely. By lunch time, I knew the bug was making another appearance. Shortly after lunch, my condition deteriorated so quickly and badly I thought I was going to pass out at work. After being sent home (I was told I had a sweaty grey face), I headed straight to the doctor for prescription drugs.

Still uncomfortable yesterday, I chose to work from home instead of dragging myself to the office. I got more work done from home than I have in the office over the past couple of weeks – go figure.

And even though I’m back at work today, I’m still feeling a little seedy and wish I was at home. The funny thing is, I’m actually busy today, because I am part of a submission bid team and there is plenty of research and analysis to be completed. The only problem is to do with the topic of the submission – blood. I can’t quite work out if the flip flops in my tummy are the side effects of the antibiotics (the doctor said I might suffer mild nausea) or from reading about blood and blood products!

So, with neither of us feeling 100%, it will be interesting to see how we are placed by Saturday night, when the annual Redkite Colour Ball (arguably the best party of the season) is being held at the MCA. I even have an electric blue dress to match the colour theme and all! Fingers crossed we both pull up feeing not too bad on Saturday morning!

And more good news … it seems I may have accidentally under-medicated myself. Apparently, I should be taking two tablets at two different intervals of the day, not one. Damn!


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