“Our” Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

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I’m not really a horrible person, but sometimes, my brain does funny things that make me seem and/or sound like a horrible person.

So Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban finally had their baby on Monday, a little girl they called Sunday Rose. I swear, with the amount of air time devoted to this pregnancy, the gestation period of this little bundle of joy has felt like that of a baby elephant’s.

Anyhoo, congrats to “our” Nicole and “our” Keith. I know your little one is a long-awaited, much wanted baby who will be much loved. I’m sure she is gorgeous and divine and will bring you both much joy and happiness.

I just can’t get my head around the name though. My eyes see Sunday Rose, but my brain reads Sunday Roast.

I know, bad taste, considering who she was married to and how, for a while, he wasn’t a good enough reason for her real life BFF to miss her mum’s Sunday roast dinner. But I found it funny!

Oh, and for the record, I came up with this silliness on my own, so in case you think I’m ripping off someone unfunny like Kochie, think again, and laugh at / with / at me!


4 responses to ““Our” Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

  1. You will be pleased to note, you arent the only one! Almost every blog and forum i read had someone today saying "every time i see it i think Sunday Roast"
    According to The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie (go Larry Emder!) they plan to call her "Sunny" like the kid out of that book series, umm, the Lemony Snickett books…

  2. I don\’t mind the name – I think it\’s very unique and all that, but really, did they not think about how much a child with a funn name would get teased at school???

  3. My favourite is still Shiloh Pitt – and the spoonerism that results! That was unplanned i hope!

  4. I have more …
    "Sunday Rose? You called me Sunday Rose Urban? You must be Kid(ing)-Man!"
    Sorry – my head says that\’s funny!

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