It Pays To Work Hard – NOT!!!

Mood: Frustrated

Wish this had happened today – instead of what really happened. Thanks for the big slap in the face!


4 responses to “It Pays To Work Hard – NOT!!!

  1. Oh shit! Did you actually get fired? What happened? Are you ok?

  2. All good.  They can’t fire me!!!
    Was more referring to the tiny pay rise I got – not even in line with CPI which is 4.2% – yes, I got LESS than CPI, which sucks!!!  So if they had led the pay review meeting with “you’re fired” and then told me “not really, and this tiny pay rise will seem awesome because you’ve still got a job and we are giving you a tiny tiny pay rise”, I would have been happy.  It’s so awful – they honestly thought the pay rise was HUGE because they CONGRATULATED me for a job well done – well, give me the fucking pay rise to go with the hard work!!!
    Definitely time to look for another job.

  3. Whew, glad they didnt fire you and i can lend you some rocks to throw at them about your lack of decent pay rise.

  4. I am a low-paid worker – I got the same pay rise as them so I must be a low-paid worker!!!

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