eBay Sells Everything These Days!!!

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I was sent a joke by my mate Cameron yesterday, which contained screen shots of what appeared to be a disgruntled husband trying to sell his alleged cheating wife on eBay.

Out of sheer curiosity, I set out to uncover the truth (or lack of) behind the screen shots. Turns out the "sale" did in fact take place – to the amusement of the international web community as the screen shots travel through cyberspace to an email inbox near you!

Below are articles taken from The Sun, reproduced in full.

Oh dear me …

By John Troup
Published: 15 May 2008

A JEALOUS husband who suspected his wife of an affair took revenge – by putting her for sale on eBay.

Paul Osborn, 44, kicked out wife Sharon and advertised her on the internet auction site – with bids hitting £500,100.

It offered his “cheating, lying, adulterous slag of a wife” to the highest bidder – and became an internet phenomenon, with users forwarding the link worldwide. But Sharon, 43, denies an affair and cops are now investigating Paul for harassment.

MoT inspector Paul heard rumours in March that Network Rail manager Sharon, his wife of 24 years, was having an affair with a man at work.

Dad-of-two Paul, of Bletchley, Bucks, said: “I started checking her emails and I realised the rumours were true. They had been discussing their sex life together and making plans for the future.

“I was absolutely destroyed. I gathered all her stuff in bags and dumped it in the drive.”

Three weeks ago, Sharon pleaded for Paul to take her back. She moved back in, but two weeks later, Paul was again convinced she was cheating.

Paul said: “In a fit of rage I put the advert on eBay. I later took it off because I realised it wasn’t the right thing to do. I was just so angry.”

Sharon and her colleague made a police complaint against Paul. Neither was available for comment last night. But the unnamed man’s wife said at home in Hemel Hempstead, Herts: “There’s nothing going on. They work in the same office, that’s all.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed it was investigating, saying: “Statements have been taken from two people.”

The follow up article below.

By John Troup
Published: 20 May 2008

THE hubby who offered to sell his cheating wife on eBay has been given a police caution.

The Sun told last week how Paul Osborn, 44, attracted bids of more than £500,000 for Sharon.

But cops failed to see the funny side and arrested the dad-of-two.

He has now been cautioned for “sending an offensive, indecent, obscene and menacing message” on the web.

MoT inspector Paul, of Bletchley, Bucks, posted the ad after learning Sharon, 43, was seeing a workmate.

He included a picture of her picking her nose and offered “my cheating, lying, adulterous s**g of a wife” to the top bidder.

He also gave her mobile number.

Callers yesterday received a message from a woman saying: “We are no longer listening, nor do we give a s*** about your opinions.”

The couple are now living apart.


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