I ♥ My Geek!

Mood: Smiling

Lately, Dilbert has been hitting closer to home than expected, both in relation to work as well as my personal life. Still, the comics are very funny! Below is the comic from Tuesday, which I sent to my darling J (computer programmer by occupation) for a giggle, along with a comment that I didn’t think I had resolved all of my tech support issues yet. His response was "Why do you think it took me so long to bring around the TV cable?"

But seriously, I do ♥ my geek. He is one of the loveliest people I’ve met in a long time, and he is so patient and understanding with me all the time. I love spending time with him, hanging out, watching DVDs, taking our long walks to the city, sharing a laugh and a cuddle. I often find myself wishing he was sitting on my couch with me on non-date nights, or wishing my time with him was longer.

The below comic illustrates exactly how I feel every date night. If there was scientific proof this works, I would be spinning too.

I know, I know … vommy vom vom, icky smoochy ew … but oh, to be loved!


2 responses to “I ♥ My Geek!

  1. Is that last one an XCKD comic (or whatever order the initials are) – cause i LOVE that comic! And i am not even a real geek 😉 (hell, this one made me cry! http://xkcd.com/420/ )

  2. That’s the one I got sent which got me so hooked in the first place!  Yes, I had a little tear when I read that comic as well.
    My one is definitely from XKCD.com – that’s my all time fav.

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