Homing From Work

Mood: Cruising Along

I really should be doing a lot more work than I am at the moment, but you know what? dk;dc.

Matter of fact, I’m now enjoying homing from work at least 40 hours a week.

I’m not sure how work became such a shituation. And I have been whinging about work fornever, methinks it’s time I did something about it.

Anyway, today, I installed Windows Live Messenger on my work computer, so that J and I can IM instead of sending emails to each other.

What’s more, I forwarded a shoe sale invitation to my friends – just because I’m on a self-imposed ban from buying any more shoes before at least September does not mean my friends cannot take advantage of the sale offer. Happiness is a new pair of shoes, so I’ll just have to bask in my friends’ happiness for the time being.

I again became the business operations coordinator’s bitch at some point today. Tasks that she could have done were "delegated" to me. God help us all when she is officially promoted to national operations manager in July (at which time if I’m still working for this clap trap, slap me).

I also said no to a coffee with my new branch manager, who was too busy to have a coffee with me yesterday. In my defence, at the time he came to grab me, I was trying to complete a report that had to be issued by 4pm (he tapped me on the shoulder at 3pm).

And before I knew it, it’s 6pm and time to go home. I wonder how I can become an office ghost?


One response to “Homing From Work

  1. Ooh, was the Molini shoe sale offfer 😀

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