Movie Review: Street Kings

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I’ve all but abandoned the 2008 Movie Mania list, as the choice of movies and the frequency of my visits to the cinema have become more random in alignment with my financial status.

In other words, I’m only seeing movies at the cinema when I and/or J can afford to.

Tuesday last week (or was it week before last) saw me visit Chatswood Westfield Hoyts for the first time in almost 2 months. There were a couple of films to choose from, and after some debate, we settled on Street Kings.

From the official website, the below synopsis:

In STREET KINGS, a police thriller directed by David Ayer, Keanu Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, a veteran LAPD Vice Detective. Ludlow sets out on a quest to discover the killers of his former partner, Detective Terrance Washington (Terry Crews). Academy® Award winner Forest Whitaker plays Captain Wander, Ludlow’s supervisor, whose duties include keeping him within the confines of the law and out of the clutches of Internal Affairs Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie). Ludlow teams up with a young Robbery Homicide Detective (Chris Evans) to track Washington’s killers through the diverse communities of Los Angeles. Their determination pays off when the two Detectives track down Washington’s murderers and confront them in an attempt to bring them to justice. –© Fox Searchlight

To say the least, I was underwhelmed by the one dimensional portrayal of Tom Ludlow from the founder of the Keanu Reeves School of Method Acting: frozen furrowed brow, a whole lot of grunts, and when there was a point to be made, the dialogue was s…p…o…k…e…n v…e…r…y s…l…o…w…l…y. Keanu should stick with action comedy like Speed, or slapstick comedy like Bill & Ted.

Chris Evans as rookie Paul Diskant was slightly more animated, although you got the feeling that if he was any more animated, the director would have asked him to tone it down to ensure he didn’t out-act Keanu. Such was always the feeling with Hugh Laurie’s laboured performance.

Forest Whitaker, on the other hand, was quite plausible as the megalomaniacal Captain Jack Wander. It was clear from the start that there was something very fishy about Wander, and his desperate man pleading to be heard in the film’s climax was worth the wait.

Overall, my review of this movie would best be summed up as "meh". It wasn’t completely disappointing, but it wasn’t completely outstanding either.


Continuing the Six Degrees game, from Definitely, Maybe to Street Kings, there are 2 direct links:

1. Isla Fisher was in London (2005) with Chris Evans (V).
2. Rachel Weisz was in Constantine (2005) with Keanu Reeves.

And Bacon numbers:

Keanu Reeves has a Bacon number of 2.
* Keanu Reeves was in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) with Jim Cody Williams.
* Jim Cody Williams was in Rails & Ties (2007) with Kevin Bacon.

Forest Whitaker has a Bacon number of 1.
* Forest Whitaker was in Air I Breathe, The (2007) with Kevin Bacon.

Hugh Laurie has a Bacon number of 2.
* Hugh Laurie was in Borrowers, The (1997) with John Goodman (I).
* John Goodman (I) was in Death Sentence (2007) with Kevin Bacon.

Chris Evans has a Bacon number of 2.
* Chris Evans (V) was in Nanny Diaries, The (2007) with Judith Roberts (I).
* Judith Roberts (I) was in Death Sentence (2007) with Kevin Bacon.

Between seeing this movie and writing this entry, J and I have already seen another movie. Stay tuned for the movie review for Iron Man.


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