Weekend Shenanigans

Mood: Busy

I’ve just worked out that I am going to have a pretty busy weekend.

Tonight, J is cooking me dinner – he’s making his famous tacos, which I’m really looking forward to. The tacos are ideal for a night in front of the TV – my recently purchases from Amazon.com should keep us busy for hours.

Tomorrow, J and I are going to walk into the city again. We are aiming to leave St Leonards by 8.30am as we have booked tickets to see Iron Man at the George Street Greater Union on the GMAX screen. Some lunch after the movie and it is in the plan to walk home for a shower before heading back out to the city to have dinner with the Henrys (David & Kirsty) and the Hahms (Chuck & Kyung, Mick & Cecilia and James). Mmm … Spanish at Miro Tapas Bar … can’t wait!

There exists an opportunity to sleep in for a little bit on Sunday before paying visits to a bunch of shops. Included in (but not limited to) the itinerary are Bunnings (aka the Temple of DIY) for a heater for J’s room, Victoria’s Basement for a present for Pam (my receptionist), Borders to check out whether they have a book in stock, and JB Hi Fi to register to pre-order some DVDs. As per usual, there is Sunday night dinner with my family.

It’s a whole lot of nothing, but it’s also a whole lot of somethings. The best bit is I get to do it all with J.


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