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eBay Sells Everything These Days!!!

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I was sent a joke by my mate Cameron yesterday, which contained screen shots of what appeared to be a disgruntled husband trying to sell his alleged cheating wife on eBay.

Out of sheer curiosity, I set out to uncover the truth (or lack of) behind the screen shots. Turns out the "sale" did in fact take place – to the amusement of the international web community as the screen shots travel through cyberspace to an email inbox near you!

Below are articles taken from The Sun, reproduced in full.

Oh dear me …

By John Troup
Published: 15 May 2008

A JEALOUS husband who suspected his wife of an affair took revenge – by putting her for sale on eBay.

Paul Osborn, 44, kicked out wife Sharon and advertised her on the internet auction site – with bids hitting £500,100.

It offered his “cheating, lying, adulterous slag of a wife” to the highest bidder – and became an internet phenomenon, with users forwarding the link worldwide. But Sharon, 43, denies an affair and cops are now investigating Paul for harassment.

MoT inspector Paul heard rumours in March that Network Rail manager Sharon, his wife of 24 years, was having an affair with a man at work.

Dad-of-two Paul, of Bletchley, Bucks, said: “I started checking her emails and I realised the rumours were true. They had been discussing their sex life together and making plans for the future.

“I was absolutely destroyed. I gathered all her stuff in bags and dumped it in the drive.”

Three weeks ago, Sharon pleaded for Paul to take her back. She moved back in, but two weeks later, Paul was again convinced she was cheating.

Paul said: “In a fit of rage I put the advert on eBay. I later took it off because I realised it wasn’t the right thing to do. I was just so angry.”

Sharon and her colleague made a police complaint against Paul. Neither was available for comment last night. But the unnamed man’s wife said at home in Hemel Hempstead, Herts: “There’s nothing going on. They work in the same office, that’s all.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed it was investigating, saying: “Statements have been taken from two people.”

The follow up article below.

By John Troup
Published: 20 May 2008

THE hubby who offered to sell his cheating wife on eBay has been given a police caution.

The Sun told last week how Paul Osborn, 44, attracted bids of more than £500,000 for Sharon.

But cops failed to see the funny side and arrested the dad-of-two.

He has now been cautioned for “sending an offensive, indecent, obscene and menacing message” on the web.

MoT inspector Paul, of Bletchley, Bucks, posted the ad after learning Sharon, 43, was seeing a workmate.

He included a picture of her picking her nose and offered “my cheating, lying, adulterous s**g of a wife” to the top bidder.

He also gave her mobile number.

Callers yesterday received a message from a woman saying: “We are no longer listening, nor do we give a s*** about your opinions.”

The couple are now living apart.


I ♥ My Geek!

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Lately, Dilbert has been hitting closer to home than expected, both in relation to work as well as my personal life. Still, the comics are very funny! Below is the comic from Tuesday, which I sent to my darling J (computer programmer by occupation) for a giggle, along with a comment that I didn’t think I had resolved all of my tech support issues yet. His response was "Why do you think it took me so long to bring around the TV cable?"

But seriously, I do ♥ my geek. He is one of the loveliest people I’ve met in a long time, and he is so patient and understanding with me all the time. I love spending time with him, hanging out, watching DVDs, taking our long walks to the city, sharing a laugh and a cuddle. I often find myself wishing he was sitting on my couch with me on non-date nights, or wishing my time with him was longer.

The below comic illustrates exactly how I feel every date night. If there was scientific proof this works, I would be spinning too.

I know, I know … vommy vom vom, icky smoochy ew … but oh, to be loved!

The "Meh" Week

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I’m glad today’s Friday. I’m not sure if I could handle any more working days this week.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I am tired and cranky and a little bit crampy to boot and I just want to lie down and do nothing. I intend to do exactly that during the day on either Saturday or Sunday, as I have dinner plans every night from tonight until Sunday night.

This week has been such a non-descript week. There were neither high nor low moments, neither busy or dull moments. I feel the days are just passing without much ado and this is why I feel so "meh".

A few things happened in the last few days that have helped to put me in this "meh" mood. Starting with a huge blast from the past on Sunday night at our Mother’s Day dinner.

The dinner was lovely, the company was sparkling and we were nearing the end of our dinner when we had unexpected company arrive at our table to say hi. The wife and daughters of Uncle Tom (Dad’s late friend) appeared out of nowhere and started talking at great speed at the top of their voices and completely shattering the ambience I had been enjoying all evening.

J had never met these people before, and he looked to me for an explanation and found an almost tortured look on my face. I instinctively reached for his hand under the table and he soon realised that my body was all but screaming "please, kill me now".

Not many people in this world have that kind of effect on me, and Uncle Tom’s daughters, Jennifer, Melissa and Bianca belong to that very small group of people who can render me speechless and wishing I was invisible.

My body basically shut down when I saw them. I forced myself to squeeze a few words out of my mouth in a desperate attempt to look civilised, and tried to smile in the most polite possible way, but as J later told me, I just looked like a deer in headlights frozen with a grimace on my face.

My reaction to these girls stemmed from my first days in Australia. When we first arrived in Sydney, we went to live with Uncle Tom until Dad found our first house in Lindfield. Naively, I thought the girls and I would become instant best friends and they would look after me and show me the ropes. Instead, the girls were the big bad bullies who teased me mercilessly and bossed me around and yelled at me at every available opportunity.

Time healed none of the wounds and seeing them on Sunday night took me back to those early days and made me feel like that scared 10 year old. And 25 years later, they were still treating me like that kid in a foreign country with no friends and no language skills. And to top it all off, they called me by the wrong name, thrice. This is after they asked me if I remembered their names and I responded to the positive and matched the names to the correct person.

This little unexpected and unwanted trip down memory lane pretty much set the mood for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, I was mistaken for someone else. Now, this would not normally register – after all, I’ve been mistaken for someone else more times than I care to remember, and people often call me Grace or Maria (because I apparently look like a Grace or a Maria). And then there’s that old (mostly joking) excuse from Westerners that "all Chinese people look alike", which I’ve grown up with and eventually got use to. But this incident on Tuesday took the cake.

The guy who mistook me for someone else (Alan) was attending the same workshop as me. I had been sitting directly opposite this guy for over 2 hours at our workshop when we broke for morning tea. Sitting next to him in that same period of time was a lady of Cambodian heritage called Saphoeun. Let me state very clearly now that Saphoeun and I look nothing like each other. The only similar features are our skin colour and our hair colour. Even our hair styles were different – my long hair was pulled up in a bun, while Saphoeun had bob cut shoulder length hair with a fringe.

Whilst getting a coffee in the kitchen, Alan came up to me and started asking me random questions, which took me a few seconds to work out that the person he thought he was speaking to was Saphoeun. When it was apparent he truly thought I was Saphoeun (as he kept asking questions), I had to stop him and ask him to direct his questions to Saphoeun as my name was Gloria.

The kicker? Alan is Chinese. No excuses!!! Not amused.

The mood in the office this week was very meh. Not sure what made it this way but the "meh" made the week seem longer and longer.

I finally had a coffee with my new Branch Manager. It was postponed 3 times before he finally deemed me important enough to keep our coffee meeting, and even then, he made me wait 10 minutes. Even now, more than 24 hours since that coffee meeting, I am still unsure what to make of our chat.

One thing for sure is that based on his assessment of my skills, unless I get into a huge consulting firm with a great training program, I need to stay with my company for at least another 12 months to learn more skills and get more experience before I would be seen as "employable" as a consultant.


I’ve been receiving text messages and random phone calls from Staffy since Tuesday last week, who has been quite persistent in finding out how I am. After about 40 text messages in total between the two of us, I told him that I would catch up with him face to face when he next had a night off (which is likely to be next Monday).

Since Staffy’s first text message, I had been feeling quite uneasy about the whole situation. Even though Staffy and I had resolved to be friends with no more romantic strings, I still couldn’t help feeling like I did something wrong by J in corresponding with Staffy. So on Tuesday night, I told J about the text messages and phone calls, and that Staffy was likely to drop by my place next Monday night to catch up. J was amused by my news, and a little more amused when I kept saying that I felt like I was cheating on him by talking to Staffy. Even after J told me he trusted me completely to make the most informed decision, my stressed mind and my weird sense of guilt did not ease. I slept very little on Tuesday night.

I wish I was spending some of this weekend with J, but he is spending it with his little girl Miss M, who is having a few problems dealing with the limited time she is spending with her Daddy. Last Sunday, J dropped Miss M at home much earlier than usual, at a time that was pre-arranged and agreed to due to Mother’s Day celebrations. Miss M was already a little bit teary as they were on their way back to Miss M’s house, but cheered up at the prospect of going to lunch at a restaurant with her mum and grandparents. Later in the day, JX called J to say that Miss M became quite upset after lunch and wanted to know why Daddy didn’t love her any more. Her reasoning? Because Daddy dropped her home early.

After that phone call, J and I talked about him taking today off work to spend more time with Miss M. Fortunately, J’s boss was fine with J taking leave today, so J picked up Miss M at 10am and they will be spending the whole weekend together. Miss M will go home late Sunday afternoon. I thought I was ok with that, but it appears I’m not.

I’ve just had a phone call from Suz, who I was suppose to have dinner with tonight. She sounded shocking! Barely any voice, coughing, the works. So our dinner plans have been postponed to a later date. I wonder what’s on TV tonight?

Say Cheese!

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What a great day for the funnies – I’m still laughing at this latest one!!! Some mothers do ‘ave ’em!

Stephen Hutcheon
May 12, 2008 – 1:26PM, SMH Online

Police have arrested two men and recovered $US5500 ($5800) worth of stolen computers and electronic devices after the owner of one of the purloined laptops was able to connect remotely to her Apple MacBook and photograph the thief.

Kait Duplaga, 19, returned to her New York state home on April 27 to find the unit she shared with two other flat mates had been ransacked.

Among the missing items were two laptops, two flat-screen televisions, two iPods, gaming consoles, DVDs and computer games, The Journal News, a New York state newspaper, reported.

Then last week, Duplaga , who works at an Apple Store, received a text message from a friend who noticed she was back online and congratulated her on recovering the missing laptop.

Duplaga, who had not recovered the computer, realised that someone using her stolen Mac had gone online.

She signed on to another Mac and activated "Back to My Mac", a feature that is available to people to subscribe to the .Mac service, which in Australia costs $140 a year.

From there she was able to remotely activate the laptop’s built-in web cam.

After a short while, a man sat down in front of her computer and Duplaga used the remote control function to capture a photo.

By the time he realised what was going on it was too late to prevent the picture from being transmitted back to Duplaga.

Then, another stroke of luck. One of Duplaga’s flatmates recognised the tattooed thief from the photograph.

The man in the photo turned out to be Ian Frias, a friend of victims. Frias and his friend, Edmon Shahikian, had attended a party at the unit a few weeks earlier.

The following day, police arrested Frias, 20, and Shahikian, 23. The pair were bailed and now face charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.

"It doesn’t get much better than their bringing us a picture of the guy actually using the stolen property," Daniel Jackson, the deputy commissioner of public safety in the city of White Plains, told The New York Times. "It certainly made our job easier."

Random Funny Things

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Grill Gone Wild

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Europeans obviously have no idea how to BBQ …

May 12, 2008 – 6:06AM, SMH Online

A man barbecued his own car by mistake following a mishap at a grill party in southern Germany, police said.

The 37-year-old poured a beaker of petrol onto the smouldering charcoal of his balcony grill in order to coax it into life, prompting a tongue of flame to shoot out.

A friend standing next to him panicked and dropped the cannister containing the petrol, causing it to ignite and spill on to the man’s car parked below.

The car went up up flames. Two other vehicles were damaged in yesterday evening’s blaze, which police said caused no injuries but more than 30,000 euro ($A49,027.62) worth of damage.

Homing From Work

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I really should be doing a lot more work than I am at the moment, but you know what? dk;dc.

Matter of fact, I’m now enjoying homing from work at least 40 hours a week.

I’m not sure how work became such a shituation. And I have been whinging about work fornever, methinks it’s time I did something about it.

Anyway, today, I installed Windows Live Messenger on my work computer, so that J and I can IM instead of sending emails to each other.

What’s more, I forwarded a shoe sale invitation to my friends – just because I’m on a self-imposed ban from buying any more shoes before at least September does not mean my friends cannot take advantage of the sale offer. Happiness is a new pair of shoes, so I’ll just have to bask in my friends’ happiness for the time being.

I again became the business operations coordinator’s bitch at some point today. Tasks that she could have done were "delegated" to me. God help us all when she is officially promoted to national operations manager in July (at which time if I’m still working for this clap trap, slap me).

I also said no to a coffee with my new branch manager, who was too busy to have a coffee with me yesterday. In my defence, at the time he came to grab me, I was trying to complete a report that had to be issued by 4pm (he tapped me on the shoulder at 3pm).

And before I knew it, it’s 6pm and time to go home. I wonder how I can become an office ghost?