Random Musings

Mood: Grinning In A Silly Way

I am happy, and loving the fact that I’m happy. It’s just taken me a few weeks to realise how happy I am, and how lucky I am to be this happy.

After continually whinging and complaining about work, I’ve deemed that topic of conversation to be boring and as such will from this point forward limit myself from talking about work. Work is work is work – it’s boring, and just because I spend more time working than doing any other individual activity, doesn’t mean I should focus all of my energy on talking about work.

So I have adopted a new approach – I will talk about the more interesting things in my life, like family, friends, love, and everything in between. Unless there is a major development with my employment status, I will not be focusing any more energy on sifting through the dilemma that is work.

Here are some of the great things that have happened this week.

Old Friends

I was treated to not one but two reunions (of sorts).

On Tuesday, I received an unexpected phone call from Ty, a very good friend and my old soccer coach. Ty and I met through an internet chat room (yes, yes we did). We’ve been good friends ever since, largely because he is so patient and puts up with my bullshit.

It has been months since I last spoke to Ty – he makes a huge effort to stay in touch with me and calls me every few weeks to catch up, but I’m the slack butt who always fails to return his call.

When Ty called on Tuesday, I was at work and unable to talk. We arranged for me to call him last night, and we spent about 90 minutes catching each other up to speed. I love Ty, and have missed talking to him. Ty will be turning 30 in June – he intimated last night that there will be a big birthday bash to celebrate the major milestone to which I will be invited. I’m really looking forward to catch up with him face to face!

Yesterday, on my way to the RTA to renew my drivers licence, I ran into my old boss David. It has been over 10 years since I worked for David, and he is still one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

I loved working with David and his trusty assistant Janice, and remained friends with them both after I left David’s company. I have on the odd occasion over the past 10 years dropped into their office to say hello and shoot the breeze, which is always delightful and chatty.

Naturally, after David spotted me yesterday, I had to drop in to say hi to Janice as well. The minute I walked in the door, it was like I’d never left – we were talking like no time had passed since my last visit.

I must make a better effort to catch up with my friends more often in the future. Oh, crap, that reminds me – I still owe Kyung a call from 2 weeks ago.

Jetsetting Cousins

After repeatedly and loudly wishing my cousins would visit me in Sydney, my wishes have finally been granted!

I have just had the pleasure of spending time with my cousin JJ and his girlfriend Noel when they visited Sydney at the end of March. It was great to see JJ and to spend time with Noel, who I didn’t know very well until their recent visit. It was fun to play tourist with them and walk around taking photos. JJ even showed me a few new alleyways in The Rocks that I never knew existed!

This Sunday, cousin Jo and her partner Maryann will be arriving in Sydney for a flying visit. I had known they were thinking about visiting Sydney for some time, and only received confirmation from them late Monday night. Whilst I am excited to see them both in Sydney, due to the lack of notice, I won’t be able to show them around as much as I would have liked to.

Having just been the "official tour guide", I will have no problems showing Jo and Maryann around the city, or wherever they want to go in Sydney on Sunday. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to shout them to a lovely dinner before they leave on Wednesday night!

Bus Shenanigans

I’ve noticed the behaviour of my fellow bus passengers have been very weird since daylight savings ended last weekend. For instance, my usually half empty buses are packed like sardines in a can, both morning and afternoon, filled with people who are unusually grumpy or forgetful, or in the instance on Tuesday afternoon, bending over backwards to commit a random act of kindness.

As per every afternoon, I had Jackson (the iPod) on loud as I headed home on the bus. At Crows Nest, an elderly woman got on the bus and was gesticulating wildly to the bus driver. At this point, I probably should have taken off my headphones for a sticky beak, but I didn’t and chose to continue listening to Duffy (who, by the way, is brilliant). Anyway, more gesticulation, now from both the woman and the bus driver, and people in front of me started pulling out their wallets. (I can only assume that the woman did not have enough money for a bus fare to wherever she needed to go.) The bus driver eventually waved the woman away, and as she turned to get off the busy, THREE female passengers dove towards the front of the bus, wallets outstretched and ready to fork over their cash. The woman did not accept the random act of kindness and walked away from the bus stop.

Actually, that was kind of sad.

This morning’s incident was kind of funny. A regular fellow bus rider got on the same bus as me, sat down next to me, and got off the bus at the next stop, which was a 3-minute stroll up the road. Not sure what happened there – Jackson was on loud again.

Naming Ceremony

My previously unnamed electronics have all been named.

Earlier this week, I asked my darling J a question to do with the adaptor box thingy that he bought to reconnect my TV, VCR and DVD player. At the time, I may have mentioned that I’d named the adaptor box thingy Roxy, because the adaptor box thingy "rocks" between the VCR and DVD player to allow me to watch a DVD and record on the VCR at the same time.

Anyway, J was highly amused and decided to name the other things as well. I am now the proud owner of Hubert the living room TV, Albert the VCR, Gilbert the DVD player, and Dilbert the bedroom TV. The already named items (Trevor the laptop, Jackson the iPod and Trixie the digital camera) are so proud.

And because my car has a name (Tom – it’s a Holden Cruze), J’s car needed a name too. We called him Dusty.


He makes me laugh. He makes me happy. And when I think about him, I get this silly grin on my face, because all I can see is the silly grin on his face.

I know, I know … nauseating, vomitous, etc, but I can’t help it – I’m mushy by nature!


One response to “Random Musings

  1. 🙂 I had a computer called Herbert at one point! (Before Fred/George – the much loved Acer that i broke the screen hinges on and the whole screen fell off, i really do love my laptops to death).

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