So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Performance & Top 10 Revealed

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So I think you’ve lost me.

I didn’t see Monday night’s elimination episode, so I don’t how the judges made their decisions. But I can tell you this – the judges got it wrong wrong wrong!!!

After watching the Sunday night episode, I really thought I had the eliminations pegged. It was definitely time to go for JD, so I completely agree with that decision.

But Camilla???

So let me recap my observations from Sunday night. With only 6 couples left in the running, the show had to be beefed up somehow to take advantage of the prime time timeslot. In came a surprise challenge for all the couples, where each couple had to pick a song in an already locked-in selection of three, pick their own costumes from an already locked-in rack of costumes, and choreograph a routine using the music and the costumes.

In all fairness, I thought the surprise challenges were fun – there were some good routines and some cute routines. Everyone gave the challenge a good go and it added some different flavours already infused in the show.

As for the regular choreographed pieces, I must say I wasn’t too impressed with those.

Kate + Graeme: Jazz. These guys are dancing better and better together every week. I thought they did a really great job on this piece – really energetic and quite a visually spectacular routine. After the routine, we were told that Kate had pinched a nerve in her neck earlier in the week and Sunday night was the first time the couple had performed the routine in full. Tell you what – she is one tough little cookie – you certainly couldn’t tell she was being hampered by an injury as severe as a pinched nerve in her neck.

Rhiannon + JD: Surprise Challenge. The routine was fun and cute, and I liked the "lift" that saw Rhiannon front flip up to JD and JD catching her ankles and flipping her over his shoulders. That was pretty cool.

Jemma + Rhys: Surprise Challenge. I really loved their routine. I thought it was definitely better than Rhiannon + JD’s routine and it was really great to see these guys doing something of their own. They continue to look like they are having fun, which is good to see. Go you good things!

Vanessa + Henry: Contemporary. Um, so this piece had a capoeira flavour to it, which seemed really interesting when you listened to the choreographer talk about it. I’ve seen capoeira demonstrations and this Brazilian form of martial arts is fast paced and highly energised. This routine wasn’t. There was no real dancing in this routine – it was a very crap and slow demonstration of capoeira by two novices set to music that was entirely unsuited to the concept. Sorry, guys, but Bottom 3 prediction from me. Oh, and don’t get me started on Vanessa’s hair. I’m going to send her a big bundle of hair bands.

Camilla + Anthony: Lambada. Oooh … Lambada! Didn’t they do that in Dirty Dancing? With Laura and Sermsah eliminated last week, Camilla and Anthony became a new couple and they certainly looked striking together. The routine itself was great – lots of twists and turns for Camilla, but not much going on for Anthony who was just leading Camilla around the floor. The thing that was missing was the "heat" between these two – maybe they haven’t had that candlelit dinner that Bonnie has suggested to other couples as a way to get to know their partners better? Anyway, I liked this routine.

Demi + Jack: Surprise Challenge. How much do I love these guys? They are sooo damn cute! The routine had me in a fit of giggles the whole way through. Fun to watch.

Jemma + Rhys: Musical Theatre. The most solid couple in the competition, as far as I’m concerned, who just keep getting better and better and better. I am and have always been impressed with these two, right from the very beginning when they scored the gorgeous Waltz to Celine Dion. Their costumes were fab, the music was fun, and they danced so well together. This was sooo right up Rhys’ alley – he looked so comfortable doing this routine. Jemma was a little bit awkward in bits, but I thought she did so well to try and match Rhys’ ability.

Kate + Graeme: Surprise Challenge. Another fantastic job by these two. The fast paced routine held my attention throughout and I loved what they did with the piece and the music.

Rhiannon + JD: Hip Hop (with Nacho Pop). Yes, I’m a Nacho Pop fan. I think he’s terrific. And Sunday night’s routine was another good one. This was a custom-made tailor-fitted routine for JD – he looked so comfortable doing this – but I couldn’t help but think that he and Rhiannon got this routine as a weird sort of apology from the SYTYCD folks after that ill-fated Tango. Rhiannon looked cute, as usual, and even though she didn’t quite "pop" as much as JD, she still did a good job.

Camilla + Anthony: Surprise Challenge. I thought the routine was a bit laboured – maybe these guys were tired after a long week, and Camilla was exhausted after doing all the work in the Lambada. That final lift / spin thingy was a bit nail biting though – same lift as the one Camilla and Sermsah executed during the Top 20 Performance (ie. Week 1) and same little slip – only this time it was Anthony slipping. Maybe Camilla is slippery?!

Vanessa + Henry: Surprise Challenge. Henry is not a convincing geek, but he can certainly ham it up with the best of them. The routine was cute and both did a fine job hamming it up for the routine.

Demi + Jack: Contemporary. Damn. I have to say I wasn’t sure about this routine. It was so fast paced and so frenetic and so very busy that I just wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. Jack, as usual, did a fabulous job. But Demi, my little favourite, almost did a JD – towards the end of the routine, Demi seemed to pause for a split second, as if she was a bit lost and forgot where she was up to in the routine. Sitting in my living room, I was screaming "No, don’t do a JD!" Thankfully, she recovered very quickly but not before the judges all noted her moment of hesitation.

My predictions were Vanessa + Henry and Rhiannon + JD definitely in the Bottom 3, and tied for the remaining spot were Camilla + Anthony and (with tears in my eyes) Demi + Jack. In which case, the SYTYCD dream would end for JD (about time!!!) and (now big gulpy hiccupy unable to breathe howling) Demi.

So it came to being that the Bottom 3 as voted by the Australian public were Rhiannon + JD, Camilla + Anthony and Kate + Graeme. Oh no, the Kate Kiss of Death was back!

At this point, I would have said the SYTYCD dream would end for Rhiannon and JD. In my opinion, Camilla and Kate were better dancers, but then again, Bonnie had previously repeatedly mentioned that Rhiannon was trouble for all the other dancers because she was so good, so the choice would have been difficult amongst the girls. Still, my money would have been on Rhiannon.

But noooooooooooooo. Oh no. The twats eliminated Camilla. So you think you can judge? Overwhelmingly, that answer from me is NO.

With no show on Easter Sunday (as the episodes are taped on Fridays and there will be no taping on Good Friday), I’m glad I have just over a week to re-evaluate my loyal following thus far. At this point, I’m unlikely to bother, but just like the wronged partner on Cheaters, I need time away to sort through my feelings and deal with the emotions post fall out.


2 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Performance & Top 10 Revealed

  1. Oh trust me – there was shouting at the televion at my house based on that Camilla announcement as well! Even L was miffed (but mostly because i was yelling at the TV).
    Interestingly many of my "dancer" friends agreed with the Camilla ousting, i told them they were all freaks 😉
    That capioara thing was SHITE! And somehow won the "Cadburys Magic Moment" on the website, showing the general population of this show are idiots! Rhys/Jemma were easily the best routine of the night.
    I was IN LOVE with the choreography of Jack/Demi\’s piece, i love love love Gary Stewart!!! But i now want to see that danced by members of his company ADT, because they are utterly amazing! But i can totally understand how it wouldnt be everyones cup of tea though.
    The next show should be interesting, if they follow the US pattern come next week they all get new partners every single week, so we will see weaker dancers like Jemma and Demi paired with new boys who may not string them along. I still think Demi has a good chance of winning the whole deal though based on Audience popularity 😉

  2. Can\’t wait to see Rhiannon paired up with Anthony for a Lambada revisit! ;-p

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