So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 – Performance

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As I started this blog, I already knew who would be eliminated from the Top 14, no thanks to the stupid program scheduling idiots at Channel TEN. But to make the best of the situation, I tried to forget what I saw and watch the program as if I was none the wiser. So, as per usual, general observations to begin with:

* Natalie Bassingthwaighte had a fringe! And that was one very cute sparkly dress!
* It was Sunday night after all, so Matt Lee should be wearing a Fedora hat – and there he was, wearing a Fedora hat.
* Bonnie Lythgoe’s blouse was lovely, lovely, lovely.
* Pink looked good on Jason Coleman!

With Stephanie and Marko eliminated last Monday, everyone kept their partners from the previous week. I’d be very interested to see how JD performs this week – God knows He was looking out for JD as there really was no way JD should have stayed.

Jemma + Rhys: Hip Hop. OMG! I want to be on the hot tamale train with these two! And gosh darn it, why is Rhys so camp and gay in real life??? I have no idea how, but Rhys has managed to pull off "masculine" again! Jemma is turning into a fab fag hag! Oh, and the routine was terrific as well – these two really worked it and looked hot to boot! Bonnie said the routine was very saucy, and I have to agree with her on that. Jason was impressed by the routine as well.

Demi + Jack: Rumba. Erm … the routine did nothing for me – not sure what it was, but … ok, so I’m a pleb viewer with two left stumps, but isn’t the Rumba suppose to be a very sensual / sexual dance? I didn’t get that passionate, almost ready to ignite feeling between Demi and Jack. They are more like best friends than lovers to me – and no, I didn’t listen to the commentary through the rehearsal package. Demi’s dress was pretty though.

Laura + Anthony: Contemporary. Um, right, ok, yeah, um … has SYTYCD choreographers gone a little too far this week with the "sex sells" motto? Methinks so – because most of this routine was simulated sex. Too much dry humping and not enough dancing! And Laura really showed that she was the weaker of the pair during this routine – she kind of overbalanced and fell out of her turn, and the splits jump was not splits – her legs weren’t even stretched. Anthony looked like he was going through the motions. Bottom 3 for these two again.

Camilla + Sermsah: Hip Hop. For this, I am going to have to quote Ten Things I Hate About You: "I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" Well, I was "whelmed" by this routine. Camilla looked great with the long hair and seemed to be more comfortable with the routine than Sermsah. That’s all I have to say about that.

Vanessa + Henry: Samba (by Jason Gilkison). Jason Gilkison is the choreographer who has given us 2 out of 3 Breathtaking Moments so far – can this man do it again? The answer is a resounding YES. Where do I start with this? Henry is so damn fine with his short hair – he is one hot hot man! And someone fed Vanessa some slut for breakfast, because she was on fire! The routine was fantastic! Everything about it was great – the lifts, the spins, the turns, the tricks, and together with the costumes and the music – this was a masterpiece. Definitely the best routine of the night! I watched this with my mouth hanging open the whole way through. And the judges loved it too!

Kate + Graeme: Contemporary. These two are working so well together. The routine was beautiful to watch. And I completely "got" the concept – I understood the story – the break up, the not wanting to let go, him walking away, everyone broken hearted, lives shattered. I had shivers down my spine and tears in my eyes. This was a very close 2nd of the night for me. And Jason agreed – to the tune of "loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it"!

Rhiannon + JD: Jazz. At least JD managed to dance the whole routine this week. I think it’s time to go, JD. I’m just not sure about him any more, not after last week’s disaster. Rhiannon looked like she was dancing for her life. JD was a bit all over the shop – he was either just that little bit too slow for most part, or just that little bit too fast when he realised he was falling behind and tried to catch up. The judges though they were great – I fail to agree.

I’ve already put Laura + Anthony into the Bottom 3. Based on the performances alone (and not swayed by the fact I already know the results), I would have to put Camilla + Sermsah as well as Rhiannon + JD into the Bottom 3.


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  1. You have just reminded me i need to go and vote for Kate and Grahams Contemporary Routine over at the Breathtaking Moments Comp 😀

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