So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 – Revealed

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Sad but true, the Bottom 3 predictions were getting easier to pick. And it seems the Australian viewing (and voting) public were finally getting it too.

The show opened with a very high energy and fun hip hop number. I love these group performances – go dancers!

Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s hair was looking very wiggy, but she did wear a great dress – loved the dress!!! I didn’t even need to look to know that Matt Lee was wearing his Monday night baseball cap. I have come to conclusion that Bonnie looked great in navy blue, as she did during this show. Oh, and Jason, NASA’s on the phone and they want their space suit back!

The first 2 couples to be called onto the stage were Camilla + Sermsah and Demi + Jack. There was a bit of suspense and tension before Natalie announced Demi + Jack were safe. First tick for me.

The next 2 couples were Jemma + Rhys and Vanessa + Henry. A bit more build up and they were announced to be safe and safe. Well done to both couples!

The three remaining couples were Laura + Anthony, Rhiannon + JD and Kate + Graeme. Laura + Anthony were immediately announced to be in the Bottom 3 – second tick for me. Kate looked like she was ready to dance for her life again, until Natalie announced Kate + Graeme were safe. Final tick for me.

So, 100% this time around for the Bottom 3 prediction. Yay for me!

Camilla kicked off the Dance For Your Life segment, and she looked great and her routine looked good too. Next came Sermsah, dancing what I could only describe as Aboriginal dancing set to contemporary music and beat. He seemed resigned to leaving when Natalie spoke with him briefly at the end of his routine. Laura was next, and I was underwhelmed. At least she didn’t fall out of her spin this time around. Laura too seemed resigned to being ousted by the judges. Anthony, oh, Anthony – you are so beautiful – what more can I say about this guy? Rhiannon threw everything she had into her routine – she took my breath away in the sense that I couldn’t breathe by the end of her very powerful and energetic routine. JD put together some lovely fluid choreography but it looked like it was the same routine as last week – or was that just me?

As per usual, the judges went away to deliberate. I watched a little of Simple Plan’s live performance of “When I’m Gone”, which I enjoyed, before I abused the Fast Forward button again.

The SYTYCD dream ended for Laura and Sermsah. Laura was very gracious in accepting the decision, and Sermsah caused a bit of controversy by dropping the F bomb on live TV! Love it long time!

Overall, I was definitely more impressed with the Top 14 performance, and happy with the judges’ decisions to eliminate Laura and Sermsah. Camilla + Anthony should make a formidable couple – Camilla is a great dancer and Anthony is loved by the judges. Things are getting interesting now as they get towards the pointy end of the competition!


One response to “So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 – Revealed

  1. As i said on my blog – Jason spent Friday night bitching about what he was wearing, so i am assuming he DIDNT pick the spacesuit 😀

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