So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 – Revealed

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I was otherwise occupied tonight (well, last night now, really), so the show was again taped and viewed directly after the Sunday night show.

As I settled in to watch the elimination show, I was pretty confident I’d be hitting the 100% accuracy rating for tonight’s Bottom 3 predictions. But then, after some thought, the teens who would spend the money to vote would most likely take pity on Rhiannon and JD, who really did not deserve another chance after Sunday night’s non-performance. Still, I stuck to my predictions and pressed the "play" button.

The show opened with another terrific group performance – some 50’s inspired swing routine which was totally fun! I look forward to seeing the group performances – they are about the only things worth watching on the Monday night shows.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte was looking great again, keeping those lovely long hair extensions from the Sunday night show (which, incidentally, was taped last Friday night). And because it was Monday night, I was expecting to see Matt Lee in a cap – and there it was!!! Mary Murphy was back as guest judge again and sounding rather hoarse – did someone have too much fun at the Mardi Gras?

The first 2 couples to be called onto the stage were Rhiannon + JD and Kate + Graeme. After a tiny bit of deliberation, Natalie announced both couples were safe. Shocked, stunned, speechless. That was me after the announcement. I agreed with the voting public that Kate + Graeme deserved to stay, but Rhiannon + JD??? No freaking way!!! They really did not deserve a free pass to next week. Without a doubt, they were all pity votes, each and every one of them.

After that shocker, the next 3 couples were Demi + Jack, Laura + Anthony and Stephanie + Marko. I swore if Demi + Jack were in the Bottom 3 that I would boycott the rest of the series. Fortunately for TEN, they still have my viewership – Demi + Jack were safe immediately. Sadly, for the others, they were the first 2 couples in the Bottom 3.

The three remaining couples were Jemma + Rhys, Camilla + Sermsah and Vanessa + Henry. At this point, I knew Vanessa + Henry would be in the Bottom 3, and so they were announced.

Again, 66.6%. The voting public got it wrong! Wrong, I tell you, wrong! Still couldn’t believe Rhiannon + JD were safe.

The dancers this week really did dance for their lives. Laura threw everything she had into her routine, to the point of overbalancing a couple of times. Anthony … eh … ah … did he dance? I could only remember a hot bare chest lad back-flipping on to the stage. Stephanie was a vision of yellow fringe and tassle as she salsa-ed for her life. Marko’s routine was quite impressively energetic – I felt him begging for a chance to stay. Vanessa was her usual bendy ballerina – I did love her beautiful stretches. And Henry – oh Henry, were you even hearing the music? Henry’s routine was, well, frenetic and felt messy to the untrained eye.

The judges went away to deliberate their decision and some rapper rapped – I think. Again, the Fast Forward button took over at this point of the show. My own revised predictions at this point still involved Stephanie, but the guys were too close to call. I was leaning towards either Henry or Marko, but could not say outright whose SYTYCD dream would end tonight / last night.

The dreaded announcement time came with Jason again doing the talking. Based on being unique and having growth, Vanessa was safe from elimination. Laura and Stephanie stood next to each other, but there was clearly no love lost between these two – they didn’t even hold hands while Jason was talking. Jason said that the solos were great, so the judges had to look further afield – they had to base their decisions on overall growth. And then, Jason handed the bad news to Stephanie. She looked like she was expecting the announcement and accepted the decision gracefully.

Next came the boys. Jason repeated his words from the previous week – that it was a hard choice and it was not a unanimous decision. Jason then garbed on about how the competition was about diversity and growth and learning and not just about the routines and the steps (and asked the dancers if they "get what he means" – duh!). Jason stressed the importance and the need to keep the versatility so that the competition wasn’t made up of just Jazz dancers who were the most versatile. At this point, Jason announced Henry was safe, because "he deserved it". So that left Anthony and Marko, who I can now only assume did not deserve to be safe. In any case, my tape cut out at this point and I had to go to the TEN website to see a replay.

Even before I got to the TEN website, I figured that Anthony would be through and Marko would be kissing his SYTYCD dream goodbye. Why? The height disparity between Laura + Marko was too much – anything involving lifting or throwing or something similar could have seen one or both of them seriously hurt. Jason might have been thinking the same thing, because Marko was going home.

I really hope the routines are better next week, or I may just stop watching altogether. Besides Jemma + Rhys’ routine, I was quite disappointed by the choreography from the Top 16 Performance show. And I still can’t believe Rhiannon + JD got another chance – they’d better do a good job next week and give the performance of their lives, whatever genre they choose.


4 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 – Revealed

  1. My bottom 3 prediction was out totally! From elsewhere "JD/Rhiannon, Anthony/Laura and Camilla/Seramsah – going out on a limb with that last one, cause i actually really enjoyed them last night, but watching the "call in to vote" adds today, they are only showing the boring bit of that routine"
    I did say later in that blab that i had a feeling that JD/Rhiannon would end up getting through on a pity vote – which was exacly what happened!!! Gah! The only bonus is that when they got to bottom 3 the judges will send him home!
    As much as i WANT Rhys to win – i really think the Australian public will vot Demi through in the end! I still stand my my Camilla/Demi/Jack/Rhys final 4 😀
    I am bummed that the Kate-Curse didnt continue  – for my own amusement only 😉 I just liked the idea of her maybe reaching top 4 with a brand new partner every single week! 😀

  2. Marko was unfortunatly doomed the minute that those 3 were grouped together – the judges love Anthony and Henry (Henry bugs me! Really Bugs me!) And i do honestly think Anthony is a stronger dancer than Marko, especially in his contemporary. And that guff about Jazz dancers being able to do everything is exactly that, guff! Rrraw!
    I am seeing this weeks filming live, so lets see how it all goes!
    Oh, and i put you on my application for filming again, later in March, cant remember the date (but it will be a friday night) – doubt i will actually get tickets though.

  3. 2 sleeps till i see the top 14 Filming! 😀

  4. Oh, stop showing off, you! :-p

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